A husband put more than 10 tons of debris in the corridor

"2014 is the most difficult, one day at least 3, 4 repair, come to my house every day to knock on the door of a dozen times, the phone is countless." Recall the beginning of independent management area of the day, Han Dongmeng said, his phone number imperceptibly becomes a telephone repair.gay massage
Recently, who lives in Xuhui District Xietu Street Cai Auntie have fun: next door neighbor piled up old and old refrigerator washing machine in the corridor of the building, finally by "please go".
Do not underestimate this "big two" - Cai aunt lived in the apartment is located at Gyalo Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai is a typical residential tall apartment buildings along the street. 2013, property companies due to successive losses, decided not to renew the contract with the apartment. However, this building is "no one" building, the past three years to achieve the 100% property fees paid. On the eve of national day this year, residents of the building in a day in the building of more than 10 tons of spontaneous clearance of debris, the perennial "occupied" corridor of the old color TV, it does not see the old refrigerator.male massage
Gyalo apartments built in 1984, a total of 15 layers, each layer of 12 households, a total of 178 households, more than 30 tenants, the building residents for the elderly. Like many of the buildings built in the last century in 80s, Gyalo apartments exist private area and public area features large, wide corridor, few can accommodate a standard table tennis table, building with patio.
1995, building developers to find a property company in Jingan District, the management of the building. The apartment had no parking, a total area of more than 1 square meters of residential only little income, property, after entering in 2010, a loss of up to hundreds of thousands of yuan. October 2013, the property overwhelmed, and the apartment to terminate the contract agreement.
"Early on the property of the idea, I just took office when they say 'do not leave me'. They understand, and they have done more than three years." Han Dongmeng is 59 years old this year, in 2010, she became the director of the history of the first female Gyalo apartment industry committee. However, just took office, she found the apartment not only repair itself because of lack of funds, the aging of the hardware, there are also many problems. In addition to income income difficulties, no property is willing to come forward to play the "pick up", all the burden fell on the newly established new industry authority.
In January 2014, Gyalo apartment officially became "no community property", began by Sichuan Shi property company hosting, industry since the new model of tube.gay bar
"Property costs are the most important, building things need capital turnover, followed by maintenance." Han Dongmeng said that the old property left, the book has no balance of funds. So, when that there are 25 owners did not pay when the annual property is time-consuming, Han Dongmeng on behalf of the industry committee and the property to discuss, the industry authority can collect property fees, as the independent management of start-up capital.
At the same time, the industry and the residents "showdown", tell you the real money in the building. See the industry so the "upright" confession, residents also understand that, shortly after the payment of property charges.
In order to save manpower cost, the industry will cancel full-time maintenance personnel to hire "part-time" type of maintenance work, in addition to a fixed monthly to dredge a sewer, all the time by the residents themselves "phone call". However, many residents are still used to go downstairs to find the property, and now the property is gone, who knocked on the door to solve the problem?
"2014 is the most difficult, one day at least 3, 4 repair, come to my house every day to knock on the door of a dozen times, the phone is countless." Recall the beginning of independent management area of the day, Han Dongmeng said, his phone number imperceptibly becomes a telephone repair.gay club
The cost to control, but Han Dongmeng is aware that the cleaning and security is not less, but they can take more responsibility. So, the industry will re deployment of security service, from the original night shift, change to 2 people, 2 people full-time full-time day night. Among them, night guards only at night and day about the door, security should bear part of the simple maintenance work, and fire patrol duties.
Finally, the daily operation gradually back on track. In the second year, the door knocking at the door of the home Dongmeng Han residents has been reduced to two or three passengers a day; this year, almost no people will come knocking at the door, you will find something to security or maintenance workers to solve. It can not be solved, only to find Han Dongmeng and industry "know-all".
To solve the maintenance and capital two mountains, Han Dongmeng and concern: Apartment corridor spacious, residents of the home has limited space, many people have accumulated many years of waste materials stacked in the corridor, not only the fire hazard happens, there are also many weekday travel inconvenience. In order to protect the doorstep of debris piled up ", many residents are still home with the gate corridor. A tired month, the original "Ping-Pong" corridor has become crowded.gay sauna
"Get rid of old habits is not a short duration of time things, this time you need to take the lead in changing the party backbone." There is a big shoe Han Dongmeng door, although does not occupy a space, but in order to make rectification corridor more convincing, in September this year, she took the lead down the shoe. However, so she did not think of is that, after the demolition of the moment, the door almost completely changed. "For nearly 20 years, had never seen such a bright corridor." Han Dongmeng was very mixed feelings, "bright, bright heart will follow."gay spa
The industry of another party led removed the installation of gates. Other residents see clear debris after the corridor "high Yan So that is what it is. value", also began to respond to the call, take the initiative to clear up
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