one. The first year after the birth of the baby should pay attention to things.

One month gay
within 24 hours of hepatitis B vaccine to be vaccinated, BCG.
within 72 hours recommended to accept neonatal genetic metabolic disease testing and neonatal deafness genetic testing.
can sleep 16 to 20 hours a day. gay male massage videos
do not pillow pillow, the towel folded two fold pillow, three months later to the baby pillow pillow, pillow 3 to 4 cm high.
breast milk before and after half an hour do not feed water, dilute gastric juice digestion, do not feed water before going to bed. Exclusive breastfeeding within 6 months can not water. Artificial feeding, between the two meals need to feed water.
early black and white picture, training intelligence, 20 cm away from the glasses, a photo for a week until the baby response. (0 to 3 months)
neonatal period, feeding on demand.
Two months
each breast feeding 10 to 15 minutes, fed once every three hours to develop a good habit of feeding according to Dayton. gay spa
do not shake the way to coax the baby to sleep, affect brain development, resulting in mild mental retardation. To coax, can be small, regular, gentle soothing, about 10 minutes.
45 days to train your baby to rise, twice a day, every 10 seconds, each time not more than one minute prone time
do not often hold the baby, is not conducive to independent personality formation.
Three months
morning you can sleep 1 to 2 times, 2 pm, 1 ~ 2 sleep at night sleep.
feeding 6 times a day, each 100 ~ 150 ml, respectively, at 6: 00,9: 30,13: 00,16: 30,20: 00,23: 00 feeding (here vary). To add a good habit of food supplement. gay club
accompany the baby to send a, e and other vowels, training baby tracking ability.
massage to the baby, do massage after a bath every day, effectively promote the development of nervous system and exercise the baby's sensory system (puzzle).
prevent the baby often head to sleep.
Four months
to the baby pillow pillow, pillow 3 to 4 cm high.
baby swimming can improve intelligence. Can enhance self-confidence, enhance immunity, increase lung capacity, swimming before going to bed can promote baby height and weight gain.
Do not watch the TV more than 3 minutes, radiation, the eyes are not good.
training baby vision, prepare a solid color picture, teach your baby to know different colors.
with a cotton swab to the baby teeth.
If the baby cry, not to hold to sleep before, let the baby crying enough, the general phenomenon of crying a week will disappear.
training the baby with the clutch, training baby sense of smell.
listen to the pronunciation of the word rhyme.
Super List! The first year after the birth of the baby should pay attention to things
Five months gay sauna
time to add food supplement according to the child's physical development to be, if the child has the conditions to add complementary food can be added. But the earliest can not be earlier than 4 months, the latest can not be later than 8 months.
the first spoon to the baby stomach without any burden of rice began. The first day of feeding only a couple of scoops, then observe the baby situation; the next day, the third day can be increased to two or three tablespoons, slowly increasing. 4 to 5 days, you can add rice noodle in the mud, after the habit can increase the types of vegetables.
6 months feeding semi-liquid food, 7 to 12 months to add chopped vegetables at the end, such as broken solid food.
baby teeth this month, will eat the hand, should be prevented, otherwise it will affect the teeth or teeth arranged irregularly, there are gaps. Available molar bar, or divert your baby's attention.
Do not add starchy foods
training baby hair ma, ba and so on. gay sex massage
Six months
Do not drink milk, do not use milk, yogurt instead of formula.
baby began to temper, do not condone, let the baby quiet down, and then guide
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