Long white hair is because the body lack of nutrition

The treatment of white hair civil methods gay 
1, walnut dipped
Walnut 1000 grams, soak in cold water for 3 days, remove the skin tip removed. And then the amount of sugar into the pot until melted into the walnut mix, after the cold can be eaten. Eat 2 times a day, each 10.
2, mulberry cream
Fresh mulberry 1000 grams (or dry goods 500 grams) wash, add water, amount of decoction, decoction every 30 minutes to take 1, and then add water and then fry, a total of 2 times decoction. Combined decoction, and then a small fire suffering concentration, to a more viscous, the increase of 300 grams of honey boil cease-fire, to be cold after the bottling. 1 tablespoon each time, to drink in boiling water. gay sex massage
3, hair, black hair powder
Black sesame seeds, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, etc. were fried, and research into fine powder and uniform, daily before going to bed with milk or milk, a small spoon. Diarrhea should not be used.
Long white hair is because the body lack of nutrition? How to improve
4, black sesame walnut sugar
Red sugar 500 grams, black sesame seeds, 250 grams of walnut. Will black sesame seeds, walnuts, fried stand-by. Brown sugar put the pot, to a small fire suffering to the more thick, add black sesame seeds, walnut mix thoroughly, the cease-fire. While the sugar will be poured in the surface coated with edible oil enamel dish, to be a little cold, the sugar flattened with a knife cut into small pieces, after cooling Serve a black sand board sugar. Can be free to eat.
5, sesame paste gay male massage

Black sesame, japonica rice ratio of 1: 1.5. First black sesame washed, dried, the Chaochu flavor, but do not Chaojiao, and then have been soaked in 1 hour out of rice, mixed with black sesame seeds, with grinding, grinding 2 to 3 times, then Gauze with water filtration, repeated filtration several times, to the residue, coupled with the amount of water, can be boiled sesame paste, sugar, edible. With beneficial stomach, prevention and treatment of white hair function, and can keep the skin delicate.
6, massage springs gay escort
Yongquan on behalf of the kidney, which is located in the bottom of the soles of the feet (the toes forced to bend inward when the resulting groove, and then with the shiatsu, that pain will be), massage every 15 times for a course of treatment, daily Do 2 courses. The acupressure treatment of gray hair is not immediately effective, must adhere to practice.
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