Secret! A bowl of instant noodles "from pregnancy to birth," the whole process

1, and face: this step Needless to say, the formation of dough (noodles) process gay
But also pay attention to the technical, generally first flour, salt, soda and other full mixing (plus soda ash can enhance the gluten strength), and then evenly add water, stirring, forming dough.
2, ripening: can be understood as the average family and the surface of the surface process.
In this process, not only can not caking surface, but also to meet the back of the "rolling" process.
3, calendering: calendering first composite calendering, and then continuous calendering. gay sauna
After curing the dough through two parallel rollers pressed into two patches, two pieces of parallel overlap, through a roller, that is, into a uniform thickness of a solid surface with.
Continuous rolling is the process of pressing a thick surface tape into a thin surface tape, which is generally very thin.
4, cut into shape: This process is to determine the instant noodles into a wave-shaped important process.
The face tape is cut into strips by a pair of knives, and the noodles become wavy due to the difference in the speed of the conveyor belt and cutter.
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5, cooking. Why instant noodles with hot blisters can be eaten after, and noodles? Because instant noodles are cooked.
The "wavy" noodles are steamed through 90-100 C hot steam. The surface of the starch occurred in a certain degree of gelatinization, a certain degree of protein denaturation, making instant noodles in the back of the edible, with a bubble of hot water will be able to eat.
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Leaching oil.
6, quantitative cut off: that is, cut into a section of noodles, and give it a shape, suitable for the next step of the pan, but also for the final bagging or barrel.
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