Cerebral vascular rupture before the signal

1, "Pieces Wang" suddenly can not move it! gay 
In China, Zhao Benshan comedy sketch of women and children, known far and wide. September 30, 2009 morning, Zhao Benshan in Shanghai sudden cerebral hemorrhage admitted to hospital, after being rushed to Huashan Hospital, the condition was initially diagnosed as "cerebral hemorrhage."
2, beautiful female anchor suddenly a brain haemorrhage!
July 24, 2014, Phoenix TV anchor Liu Shanling sudden brain haemorrhage, and then rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment. The doctor diagnosed because of vascular sclerosis caused by cerebral vascular rupture, after the death rate is extremely high.
Once the brain hemorrhage will cause great harm to the body, such as hemiplegia, and even coma death. Experts advise, before the onset of cerebrovascular disease, there will be many symptoms, but because of mild symptoms, it is easy to be ignored, especially for their own high blood pressure in the crowd, the following 10 signals, we must remember! gay spa
10 of the three symptoms should be careful
Experts, the following 10 symptoms if there are more than 3 symptoms, accompanied by high blood pressure and other diseases should be careful.
1, vertigo
This serious dizziness often occurs suddenly, to see the outside world things have a sense of rotation, shaking. Depending on the condition of each person, the duration of symptoms may vary. Some people with nausea or tinnitus.
2, a short period of language difficulties and whole body fatigue
This phenomenon often occurs suddenly, a short time, a 20 seconds to the past, long time, ten minutes or even hours to return to normal. After recovery, patients do not leave any sequelae. Remember, this is a precursor to cerebral ischemia.
3, sudden severe headache
If patients with hypertension, sudden severe headache, dizziness, accompanied by vomiting, to be highly suspected cerebrovascular disease. This time should be measured immediately blood pressure. gay male massage
Even if this phenomenon automatically disappear within a short time, but also to be vigilant. This phenomenon repeated several times, the patient may appear difficult to restore and reverse the cerebral hemorrhage.
4, half-length numbness
If you often feel left and right half numbness, should be considered small blood vessels in the brain is not a problem. If the numbness at the same time, upper limb or lower limb weakness, the situation is even more critical.
5, suddenly forgetful
If the previous things completely forgotten, but after a few hours have improved, forgotten when the fear of anxiety, to consider the onset of acute cerebrovascular disease precursor. gay sex massage
How to avoid cerebral vascular collapse, to protect cardiovascular health? Here we recommend one of the most simple prevention method: will drink water!
Before going to bed to drink a glass of water, you can dilute the blood viscosity, reduce myocardial infarction, angina, cerebral thrombosis and other sudden danger. For people with diabetes, to maintain a certain amount of water is also conducive to control blood sugar.
6, front of the dark
Suddenly had a transient front of the dark, or one eye, food is unclear, to see things blurred, or even ghosting. These are the precursor of cerebral hemorrhage, so do not effect.
7, daytime sleepiness
Some people will appear before the onset of stroke, lethargy symptoms, even in the spirit of good daytime sleep also obvious, very tired, sleep enough feeling. gay club
8, often choking
In the process of drinking water or eating inexplicable cough, which is a precursor to a lot of people with cerebral hemorrhage.
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