Egg can get burns do not leave scars?

Last month, Taiwan Baxian Paradise dust explosion caused nearly 500 people serious burns, a lot of impatient parents everywhere to inquire about the scab recipe. gay 

Some people say that the use of egg coating, it was said to use toothpaste to wipe, but no one can say that these few dollars can buy small things how to settle a few hundred thousand dollars a day are dealing with drugs burn it?

We look at how experts say.

Egg can get burns do not leave scars?

Do not listen to folk remedies gay escort

Experts said that burns the skin fragile to egg white, toothpaste, wine, etc., and even toilet paper covering the wound, are the wrong disposal. These items are not only irritating, but also non-sterile, graffiti infiltration of the wound, affecting the follow-up disposal, and even make the original skin can also be reimbursed.

Experts say that the printing of popular remedies, because it is not manufactured in sterile space, not only can cause wounded skin infections, contact dermatitis, allergies, if toxic may affect the skin fibroblasts. Such as mild burns, the skin could have come back long, but because of rub rub recipe infection, so that bacteria invade deeper skin, but left significant scars. Many errors in the network a lot of information dissemination, if casually do, the consequences can not imagine.

You have heard a lot of "recipes" to deal with burns, such as toothpaste, lard, soy sauce, salt water, etc., which are undesirable.

(1) Do not apply salt water or soy sauce

As the saying goes, "Do not sprinkle salt on the wound." Injured cells lost the protection of the leather, met soy sauce, salt, etc., that much pain ah;

(2) Do not paint purple syrup, red syrup gay club

Pigments containing the drug will affect the medical staff to determine injury;

(3) Do not apply lard, toothpaste

Toothpaste, lard, etc. may cause secondary infection, affecting wound healing.

Egg can get burns do not leave scars?

Five "prescribed actions" to deal with burns

1, once burns, the lightest burns, only damage the skin surface, with local mild swelling, no blisters, pain significantly.

2, second degree burns, moderate burns, not only damage the epidermis, but also hurt the middle of the skin, blisters, pain significantly.

3, three burns, the most serious burns, subcutaneous, fat, muscle damage, gray or reddish brown, or even black zoom, this time because of nerve damage, but may not feel pain. gay sex massage

After a mild scald has been found to have local swelling or small blisters, immediately follow the following actions to treat the wound.


The burn site, into the tap, with a clean, mobile cold water rinse about 30 minutes, the water need not be too urgent. Flow of cold water can quickly take away local heat, reduce further thermal damage.


While directed at the cold water, while removing the clothes on the wound, if the hand can not be removed, you can cut with scissors clothing. Note that the scissors head as much as possible to avoid sharp scissors hurt the skin, or break blisters. If there are rings and other items, please also remove the first time, so as not to swollen later part of the finger.

3 bubble

Continue to soak with cold water to burn the site 10 to 30 minutes, not only can relieve pain, but also further heat. If burns the area to be bigger, must pay attention to other parts warmth, prevents the heat loss to excessively quickly.

4. Cover

After a few steps above, with sterile gauze, or a clean towel to cover the wound, and fixed, can keep the wound clean, reduce the probability of infection. gay male massage videos

5. Send

If it is deep burns, that is, localized into a gray or reddish brown, or even black hair coke; or burn a larger area, it is best to go to nearby as soon as possible treatment of burns specialist hospital, for further treatment.

Health Xiaobian remind: If it is such as acid, alkali and other chemical burns, be sure to rinse with a large number of cold water as soon as possible, and then rushed to the hospital.
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