Watermelon + cling film + frozen more easily breed bacteria?

Reporters from the supermarket to buy a watermelon, about 3 pounds. Subsequently, the reporter will be divided into two halves in the middle of the average watermelon, half of the incision with plastic wrap closed, and then into the refrigerator freezer, the other half directly into the refrigerator freezer. The temperature of the freezer compartment is 4 C. gay


17 hours later, the reporter will remove these two watermelons. Watermelon wrapped with plastic wrap still wet surface, in the plastic wrap and watermelon meat contact where you can see the condensation of the colorless droplets, and directly into the refrigerator half of the watermelon, flesh surface has been withered, moisture Obviously better to use plastic wrap covered with watermelon and more. Subsequently, Professor Ruan on the two watermelon pulp in the detection of bacterial content. gay sauna

1. Reporters under the guidance of Professor Ruan, wearing sterile gloves, watermelon evenly divided into four, randomly selected one of them for sampling. Simulation of the normal state, the reporter with a washed knife, the watermelon pieces were sliced, the thickness of each piece of watermelon about 5 mm. Down from the surface of the incision, the reporter selected two.

2. The reporter carefully cut the watermelon rind, and then the whole piece of watermelon meat into a sterile sampling bottle.

3. Professor Ruan on the aseptic stage, using a sterile rod into the sample into the bottle of watermelon meat mashing treatment, and then use a pipette, from which 0.1 ml watermelon juice, drop it on the medium , Then smear spread evenly.

4. In order to make the contrast better, Professor Nguyen will use the same method to save two slices of watermelon slices were smeared on both sides of the medium. After drying, add 37 degrees Celsius incubator for culture.

Undefined gay spa

After 15 hours of cultivation, appeared in the medium dense white flora, the reporter noted that the use of plastic wrap on the watermelon, the number of bacterial colonies beyond the imagination, a large dense. But not with fresh-keeping membrane treatment of watermelon, the number of colonies is far less than the former.

The number of experimental colonies (a)
The first layer of watermelon treated with plastic wrap
A second layer of watermelon treated with plastic wrap
A second layer of watermelon not treated with cling film
A second layer of watermelon not treated with plastic wrap gay male massage
Preliminary conclusions: the use of fresh watermelon treated with watermelon membrane than not using the insurance treatment of bacterial colonies more. In addition, the use of plastic wrap on the watermelon, the second layer of bacteria in the pulp than the first layer of the number of colonies. While the use of plastic wrap on the watermelon, the second layer of colonies significantly less than the first layer. Therefore, the conclusion is: "the use of cling film, but the increase in the number of bacteria, it is recommended that you do not use frozen plastic wrap.
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