How to Heal "Rechargeable" Explosive Hair?

Hair "rechargeable" explosion, so what's terrible? gay
Wore an explosive head, where does not look good; had been ready to go with the goddess hairstyle, go half-way hair just Jiugao the same, the last hairstyle did not, the gods did not. In addition, a strong electrostatic not only attract more dust, make hair dirty faster, but also lead to open pores, increased friction caused by damage. Over time will reduce the hair's luster, damage hair health. The body and mind have been the damn static of the 10000 + point crit damage!
Where does static electricity come from?
Do not think that only the eyes will discharge, the hair will be "charged." High school physics textbooks to talk about, rubbing hair with a plastic ruler, the plastic ruler with a negative, the hair is positively charged. If the hair is too much charge will lead to mutual repulsion between the hair, serious will form an explosive head. gay sex massage
Q: Xiaobian crook! I did not use the ruler in their own hair friction friction, why there will be so much static?
A: The young people are too naive! In addition to the ruler, there are a thousand ways to static electricity from the hair, hair is too dry, damaged hair, hair care improper ... ...
Hair is too dry, be careful to be eye EDM flash Oh ~
Do not look thin hair like silk, it also contains 15% of the water it. If the water is less than 10%, it will make the hair look dull and dull, then the hair is also more prone to static electricity.
Dry hair caused by many reasons, Xiaobian summed up the most common of several. First, because the shampoo is too frequent, wash away the head of the skin secretion of oil, do not know you despise these oils, but a good "hair oil." Second, because the use of hair dryer method is not correct, always blow the hair to dry. Many beautiful women like hot dye hair, serious damage to hair, which is the third leading cause of dry hair. How to correct these bad habits?
1. Shampoo frequency as the case may be gay spa
The frequency of each person's shampoo will be different because of the ambient temperature and constitution. Temperature of 1 degree for each increase, sebum secretion increased by 10%, which is easy to oil the reason for summer hair. A lot of MM sebum secretion is not much, every day will only destroy the hair shampoo protective layer. Xiao Bian Ye will not recommend you specific number of days to wash once a day, sebum secretion slow MM once a week is not an exaggeration, we have such a large oil head only envy.
2. Did you use the hair dryer?
Do not use hair dryer too close to the hair, 20 cm away on it. Blowing hair from the scalp sequence began to go down, hair tips to 7 into the dry can be blown too dry is not conducive to lock their hair moisture. Conditional friends can use law enforcement essential oils, the production of static electricity to prevent it has a very good effect.
3.How to make the humidifier? Humidification chant! gay sauna
To prevent the hair is too dry, the appropriate increase in air humidity is also not a bad idea. Winter dry environment, a humidifier friends do not hide the taciturn friends, out to the skin and hair to drink a full bar.
"Third hand" - comb you pick the right?
According to not authoritative statistics, a person's life will be combing 100,000 times, according to such a number of Tiechu can be ground into a needle, so we must attach importance to the importance of comb.
Poor plastic / metal comb recommended index
Plastic comb is also the most common comb, is also the most easily comb and hair friction power. Why use plastic combs to generate static electricity easily? High school physics really learned, rubbing hair with a plastic foot, hair with a positive, comb with a negative charge. When the hair is too much charge will lead to mutual repulsion between the hair, "fried", the more comb the hair more ring true. And the plastic itself, large friction, will lead to the hair cuticle excessive friction damage, not only affect the hair, but also cause hair loss. So the hands holding clinker comb or hurriedly thrown away.
If you are using a high-level anti-static treatment comb, ignore the small series in front of that passage.
Reel comb recommended index
With the reel comb do not rejoice, a lot of reel comb material is plastic, not to mention also increased friction between the hair area, not only will increase static electricity, but also increase hair loss. gay male massage videos
Princess comb recommended index
Some friends will buy the high price of the Princess comb, Xiaobian very poor not used, I heard that you can tie the hair comb along, there are still static electricity users will have to reflect.
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