Six signs of aging men slowly

1, decreased vision gay
Eliminate the problem of the eye itself, which shows the vascular aspects of disease. It is affected by blood circulation, causing optic nerve metabolic disorders, resulting in vision loss.
2, hearing loss
Inner ear auditory nerve blood circulation is not good, there will be hearing decline. In addition, the city's noise, and young people love wearing a Walkman, people in the young may be the degree of hearing damage is not obvious, but after about 30 years old can clearly feel the harm of hearing loss.
3, hair thinning
Into the cause of the peak, mental and psychological pressure increases, causing endocrine and blood circulation disorders, causing hair loss, hair gradually sparse. gay escort
4, reduced sexual impulses
30-year-old male sexual decline due to psychological, physical, mental fatigue, mental stress is too large, the physiological androgen levels decline, poor blood circulation, will bring erectile dysfunction.
5, panting
On the stairs, running after the panting, indicating that lung function began to decline. Studies have shown that without scientific exercise, people in the 20-year-old lung function began to weaken.
6, weak athletic ability
After the phenomenon of rapid heartbeat after exercise a long time, heart regulation is getting lower and lower, indicating that the heart's reserve capacity has declined. This is caused by aging of the heart muscle, weakened elasticity, and it is related to poor vascular health.
Three foods help men fight aging
1, salmon
Salmon flesh red, super-delicious taste, even in the taste buds to meet our needs, but also for women to provide a good anti-aging help. The secret is that salmon red meat, contains a mysterious ingredient - that is by far the strongest antioxidant substances - Haematococcus pluvialis essence, also known as astaxanthin. How strong is the anti-oxidant capacity of Haematococcus pluvialis essence? Or use numbers to speak - is 1000 times the vitamin E! Lycopene 20 times! 17 times the grape seed! 150 times the anthocyanin! Contrast these substances, will be introduced in the food presented below, become different foods with antioxidant capacity of the main factors, but also the first choice for men anti-aging. gay spa
2, tomatoes
Tomatoes can indeed enhance the body resistance, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, in particular, to achieve the effect of anti-aging men, so that women remain young. This is the main factor in tomato lycopene inside the composition, it also has antioxidant capacity. This has clinical data support: Harvard Medical School for more than 47,000 men study shows that a week to eat tomato sauce or other cooked tomatoes more than 2 times the number of men suffering from prostate cancer is less likely than do not eat Male 20% lower.
3, mushroom
When it comes to mushrooms with antioxidant function, many people may not have heard of. But Ganoderma? This ancient in China on the top of the "longevity" title of fungi appear in the plant, its antioxidant, anti-aging role for all to see. We may not know, mushrooms and Ganoderma lucidum, with antioxidant capacity of the main reason is to have the material known as polysaccharides, but also a woman anti-aging effect. Polysaccharide oxidation is very stable, whether it is high-temperature heating, or oxygen environment, did not affect the performance of antioxidant capacity. Anti-aging for women this problem, since the Ganoderma lucidum can not afford that the majority of women to buy more mushrooms to eat. gay club
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