Hu eat sea to drink? Body overdraft?

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Halogen products will contain more nitrite salts, will affect the human body environment and metabolism! Stimulate the body, leading to mutations, the so-called cancer.
Suggested food or to eat fresh and healthy, halogen products Ji Seoul eat is possible, but certainly can not eat.
Fried food:
Fried foods contain carcinogenic substances more easily lead to the occurrence of cancer; and easy to increase the burden of gastrointestinal, high-calorie eat after the easy to get fat, the body is not good! gay male massage videos
animal organs:
Animal visceral cholesterol, eat more likely to cause atherosclerosis, arterial occlusion, arterial embolism, heart and brain blood supply and other diseases, serious can lead to coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, myocardial ischemia, cerebral infarction, cerebral palsy and so on. gay sauna
Barbecue meat in the process of amino acids can produce genetic mutagenic substances, and these substances is the main cause of cancer.
Often see Mimeng article people know that she not only love to eat and particularly willing to eat at night:
Big fish Although the protein-rich meat, but also belong to the high-fat foods, or need enough is enough to eat at night will increase the burden of liver and kidney, easily lead to obesity and hyperlipidemia. gay sex massage
Such an analysis is not all things can not eat? NONONO! And occasionally eat is possible, but to grasp the time, especially the dinner to eat less into a full 8 like, and then to light, health stress is best to eat before 6:40!
The so-called light, that is, less salt, less oil food, the evening suggested eating pasta! Because pasta easy to digest. Conditional, at night to eat some tomatoes, broccoli, millet and the like, the skin, body, mood is good!
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