6 ways to make you thin legs

Many girls think that legs are the most difficult to slim down, for those who have a long long legs only envy jealous hate girls hate. In fact, ordinary stovepipe and weight loss is the same, as long as the search for an effective method, stick to it, with a pair of charming legs is just around the corner. gay
Legs of the reasons
1, love not suitable for their own shoes
As the leg line is not the United States, would like to lengthen the leg through the thin high-heeled shoes, but because the calf to bear the weight too heavy, leg force began to shift, resulting in more calf muscle valgus.
2, estrogen secretion disorder, bad habits make you fat
Let you distribute female charm of estrogen, is to make the culprits of the lower body fat. Hungry meal full meal, chaotic service diet pills, unwanted pregnancies, etc., will make estrogen secretion disorders, leading to accumulation of fat in the abdomen and thigh, lower body more and more fat. gay sauna
3, sexy too "tight", fat can not wear tight
Jeans, underwear and other tight-fitting clothing, and even miniskirts, sleeveless and other sexy wear, will make the lower body fat. Because too tight clothing will hinder the normal movement of the legs, but also impede the waist and leg parts of the blood circulation; short skirt will make the legs cold, the same impact on blood circulation, leading to fat accumulation.
Stovepipe method
1, do high leg lift exercise
After getting up every day, in the living room or room to do five sets of high leg lift exercise, each group a minute, each done a group can take a break, high leg is a good thin thigh exercise, it is good exercise To the thigh muscles, promote leg fat burning.
2, change lazy habits gay club
Life, we are lazy habits, such as sat on the satiation, etc., only to quit life lead to bad habits of people fat in order to help his thin thigh success.
3, bath massage for a while
Bath time is best to stand washing, so you can burn calories. Rinse with hot water for two minutes, hand to help thigh massage; then rinse with cold water for two minutes, and then hand to help thigh massage. This repeated several times, can be a good thigh to promote blood circulation, helping to burn the excess fat above the thigh, so as to achieve the purpose of stovepipe.
4, eat stovepipe food gay escort

Usually want to eat some stovepipe food, know what food can help you stovepipe? Spinach can promote blood circulation, help fat burning, is very good stovepipe vegetables. The apple contains malic acid, can accelerate the body metabolism, and apple is rich in calcium, can reduce the lower body edema, is a good weight-loss fruit. Grapefruit is also very good, it's low in calories, and is rich in potassium, can help reduce the accumulation of thigh fat, beauty MM can eat.
5, rubbing calves
Will leg flat in the bed, with two palm grip calf, rotating Roudong, each side Roudong 20 times -30 times for 1 section, a total of 6 to do so to promote lower limb muscle blood reflux, enhance the legs muscle power.
6, scraping reduced leg meat
By scraping, you can easily achieve thin thighs, only a scraping plate and acupuncture points book, you can simply be a stovepipe for their own spa. After scraping try not to drink or eat spicy food, avoid eating raw fruits and greasy food. gay sex massage
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