Health care for the elderly, "five workers"

1. For a long time as the injured blood, usually in reading, reading newspapers, or watching TV for too long, then the person's eyes will produce fatigue, visual unclear, head dizzy situation. Head is a liver, and liver is a place where blood. Heart is the main blood, possession of consciousness, as not only can cause people's vision appears and then hurt the blood and labor, resulting in loss of Lu, lack of energy, nausea, palpitations of the state. gay
Long-term lying in bed, will hurt the lungs, will have lung failure dressing, yang does not stretch; lung is the main body of a gas, lung injury after gas damage, gas not blood, organs will lose Support, resulting in decreased function, then there will be pale, lack of energy, fatigue, a movement up, it will asthma and other symptoms.
Health care for the elderly what the elderly health What are the precautions for the elderly health knowledge
3. sedentary people, because the body lack of exercise, leading to muscle atrophy. Because the spleen is the main body limbs muscles, so sedentary people, will make the human body Spleen transport disorders, resulting in nourishing the valley of the subtle lack of moisture, people appear thin state, the study shows that long-term sedentary people, the body Of the muscles than those who sit near the minimum reduction of about 5%. gay male massage videos

4. Long line of people, especially the frail elderly people, in a long walk, will lead to very tired body, tendons become soft, but also prone to joint sprains. The body of the liver is the main tendon movement, and the human body tendon movement is very dependent on the liver qi nourishment, it is also known as the "pole of the" long line of the liver will appear refined gas loss, Tend to tendon injury. gay escort
5. Long standing there will be the body and the weight of all by the spine and lower limb skeleton support. After a long time, there will be poor venous return, will lead to people's back pain, knee soft and weak; more serious, will have lower extremity varicose veins, or joint inflammation, or bone hyperplasia. Kidney is the main bone, Tibetan essence marrow filling the brain. Long-established people easy to kidney injury, the kidney once the virtual, it is easy to lead to bone injury, refined gas loss, marrow less, which will appear, impotence, premature ejaculation and other symptoms. gay male massage
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