Semen What are the ingredients

Normal semen is composed of sperm and seminal plasma. What is seminal plasma? Seminal plasma is mainly prostate, seminal vesicle and urethral ball glands and other subsidiary gland secretion of the mixture, also includes a small amount of testicular fluid, epididymal fluid. gay
In normal times sperm and seminal plasma is the "room to sleep", sperm lonely living in the "egg", when you want to be fine at the critical moment sperm and seminal plasma mixed to form semen.
Normal sperm is one of the most basic conditions of childbearing, so what kind of semen is healthy? Normal semen color is gray or slightly yellow, liquefied translucent milky white, long ejaculation can be slightly pale yellow. 
If the semen appears yellow-green, it shows that there is inflammation of the reproductive tract, such as prostatitis and Seminal and so on. If the semen is red, will have a high degree of suspicion that semen contains blood, test semen contains large amounts of red blood cells can be diagnosed with blood sperm. Blood sperm is due to vice gonadal, posterior urethral inflammation or cancer and other diseases caused. gay male massage videos
The composition of "small tadpole"
A mature sperm from the head, neck, tail composed of three parts.
Spermatogenesis in the testis lobular fine tubule fine straight tubules testicular nipples testicular output tubules epididymis vas deferens in the end where? Xiao Bian do not know.
Sperm-shaped tadpoles, with round and big head, flat body, and a long curved tail, about 60 microns long. Sperm head carrying the male gene, which is 23 chromosomes, so it can be said that the head of the big pregnant hero. The main role of its tail is through constant swing, so that their more dynamic, the main structure is running through the central axis of the wire. Shaft wire is the entire small tadpole movement organs, with a full mitochondria, to provide energy for the sprint.
Single dog long love without love what will happen? gay spa
The ancients said: "food, color, sex also." Sex life is an important part of human life. Sex can neither be lacking nor excessive. Long time without sex, may lead to "sexual tension." Sexual tension on the impact of men than women even greater, can show irritability, poor mood, insomnia, lack of concentration and so on. In addition, the secretion of male prostate long-term release of the liquid, a large number of hoarding, a long time the prostate will be over-expansion and congestion, filling fluid, it is very easy to induce chronic aseptic prostatitis.
How to keep "small tadpoles" good quality and good
1, refused to bad eating habits
From the nutritional point of view, adequate amounts of protein, vitamins, trace elements can promote the production of sperm, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E can increase reproductive function, in addition to some trace elements such as zinc, manganese, selenium and other elements The absence also affects the man's fertility.
2, appropriate decompression, maintain an optimistic attitude gay club
Men's emotions on the quality of sperm also has a very important impact, in the face of life and work pressure, men should always appropriate for their own decompression, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, discard negative energy, grasp the positive energy.
3, to participate in physical exercise

Obese men are very susceptible to infertility, so men should carry out scientific physical exercise, you can go hiking, jogging, playing, etc., to maintain good health. But remember not to over-exercise, such as the marathon test of endurance exercise or avoid it, this exercise will testicular temperature becomes high. 1-3 times a week to exercise, every 30 minutes to 1 hour.
4, away from high temperature environment gay sex massage
Testicular do not like working in high temperature environment, so the majority of men, especially children who want to reduce the prospective father should go to a hot bath (into a shower), put an end to hot springs, sauna, sleep electric blanket, so testis can be normal Production of sperm, improve the survival rate of sperm.
5, good health habits, proper exclusion impulse
Excessive fatigue will affect the sperm production process, so that low sperm motility. Stay up late will also affect the secretion and quality of semen, in general, the best around 10 pm to sleep, so the quality of sperm produced better. Also learn to self-exclusion impulse, but must not over-indulge. gay sauna
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