Acid and alkaline physique is a very popular concept in recent years, and is a true pseudo-concept!

First of all, the human body does exist a lot of acidic or alkaline substances, but the body's strong acid and alkali and ability to control the body's PH value has been between 7.35-7.45, the body's PH value of most body fluids are within this interval , And different organs of the acid-base environment are not the same, can not simply define a person is acidic or alkaline. gay 


The body's self-regulating mechanism is very strong, not a simple chemical reactor. Only when the occurrence of metabolic disorders, it may lead to acid-base imbalance.


If the acid-base balance is destroyed may be sick, such as excessive loss of body acid or from the body in vitro excessive intake of clinical conditions lead to high blood HCO3-high (> 27mmol / L) and PaCO2 increased, is alkalosis, Children crying and exhaling too much carbon dioxide can cause alkalosis. gay escort

Therefore, the PH value of the human body are acidic acidic, if simply to determine whether a person with acid-base health, then both men and women are unhealthy physique, and this is certainly not Kaopu inference.

Acidic concept of this concept is the result of speculation, is a business to sell health care products made, there is no strict scientific basis.


Drinking water can make the body's acid-base change?

This is a very natural conclusion. The human body is not a container, put into anything to show anything.

Under normal circumstances, drinking water through the mouth into the esophagus, and then into the stomach, gastric acid and food in the acid-base material. gay spa

Gastric emptying in the pH value of about 7.0 to 7.2, when the food into the stomach, the pH can drop between 2 to 3. But just now we see that the market is the highest pH is the strongest drinking water, but also at 8 o'clock.


In other words, drinking a few bottles of alkaline drinking water would like to get "acidic" may not how easy, and even the stomach acid that can not pass on the whole army was destroyed!

Even if you eat a lot of alkaline food every day, drinking alkaline water, the body's acid-base balance will put pH in a short time to reverse the back to restore normal pH. gay male massage

So want to change the human body through drinking water pH, is clearly futile.


Acid water can not drink? Who told you that?

Even if we described in front of the body's ability to balance the power of acid-base, there are still many people question: So in order to maintain this balance, I should not eat less acidic acidic water to drink it?

Of course not, these are not we need to worry about, the body's ability to adjust will get these.

China GB5749 "drinking water health standards" in the provisions of pH6.5-8.5, because of low pH on the tap water pipeline corrosion; China GB8537-2008 "drinking natural mineral water" standard is not specified pH indicators; has been introduced GB19298- The 2014 National Standard for Drinking Water for Food Safety also does not specify pH.

That is, whether acidic or alkaline water, can be assured of a bold drink, simply to determine the pH value of a drinking water is not conducive to good health, which is very hasty! gay club

Finally, to remind you, brush friends circle thinking, do not believe rumors do not rumors!
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