Hypertensive tea helps reduce blood pressure

Hypertension diet recommendations gay
Want to improve the high blood pressure, it is recommended to eat more apples, apple can be cut into pieces, put in the water for half an hour. Rich in organic acids, vitamins, fructose, pectin and other nutrients Apple has to prevent hardening of the arteries, atherosclerosis of the effectiveness of the prevention and improvement of hypertension.
Patients with high blood pressure can also be appropriate to eat a lot of dragon fruit, grapefruit, bananas such fruit is also helpful to help alleviate or improve blood pressure is a certain help, but it is recommended that patients do not eat a single fruit, to With the food. Another high blood pressure patients can also eat some, peaches, pears, grapes, watermelon and other fruits, for patients with high blood pressure is very good, so you can eat more appropriate, have a good effect of lowering blood pressure, which Patients should pay attention.
Hypertension diet rules gay male massage videos
Restriction of salt. The World Health Organization recommends a daily salt intake of <6g per person is appropriate. Therefore, high salt content of food should be avoided as: 1. Seasoning - salt, soy sauce, MSG, black vinegar, tomato sauce and so on. 2. Salted products - bacon, pickles, pickles, pickles, fermented bean curd, lo mei and so on. 3. Sausages - ham, bacon and so on. 4. Canned - canned vegetables, meat cans, etc., are added salt preparations. 5. Other - instant noodles, salty bread and so on.
A meal of food intake should be less, the day's total calories should be limited. Seven meals per meal can be saturated, three meals a day diet, should be the average is appropriate. Or small meals can be. Or small meals can be. Calorie intake should be subject to maintain the standard weight, should not be excessive.
Limits of grease. Meat as far as possible with lean meat, fat, trotters, chicken skin, duck skin and other high cholesterol, high heat, causing atherosclerosis. Avoid fried foods such as cannabis, pancakes or crispy fried foods. Cooking should adopt vegetable oil, avoid animal oil.
Finally, take a look at what tea for high blood pressure patients.
Hypertension drink what tea is good gay sex massage
Chrysanthemum tea: all chrysanthemums should be chamomile, the taste is not bitter, especially in the vicinity of Jervois born of great white chrysanthemum or small chrysanthemum best, each with about 3 grams of tea drinking, 3 times a day; also available chrysanthemum Plus honeysuckle, licorice with fried on behalf of the tea with its Pinggan eyesight, detoxification effects. Of hypertension, arteriosclerosis patients have a significant effect.
Hawthorn tea: Hawthorn contains ingredients can help digestion, dilation of blood vessels, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure. At the same time often drink hawthorn tea, for the treatment of hypertension has obvious secondary effects. Its drinking method, several times a day with fresh Hawthorn fruit 1-2 pieces of tea drinking.

Lotus leaf tea: Chinese practice shows that lotus leaves infusion and decoction with expansion of blood vessels, heat Jieshu and lowering blood pressure effect. At the same time, the lotus leaf is a fat-reducing medicine. The treatment of hypertension drinking method is: fresh lotus leaf washed and chopped, add the right amount of water, boil let cool offspring tea. gay sauna 
Sophora japonica tea: the acacia tree growth buds off to dry, soaked with boiling water when the tea drinking, drinking several times a day, for patients with hypertension has a unique therapeutic effect. At the same time, Huaihua also contraction of blood vessels, bleeding and other effects.
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