Why popcorn is not healthy?

Corn is the northerners favorite food, is also a common roughage, promote the The new supersedes the old. enhance immunity, reducing blood lipid, anti-aging and anti-cancer effects, there is a certain weight loss, a lot of experts will recommend healthy food. However, it is also made of corn popcorn is often appear in the junk food list, which is why? gay
Why corn is a healthy food
Corn contains a large number of crude fiber, help to lose weight, relieve constipation, control blood sugar and blood lipid lowering effect. The vegetable oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, more conducive to the maintenance of blood vessels and brain health. Abundant vitamin B, can promote the metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrate, and corn also contains seven kinds of anti human aging agent.male massage
For modern people's food habit, corn is undoubtedly the benefits of healthy food.
Why popcorn is not healthy
Popcorn is made from corn, nutritional value and no change, but because of inflation, resulting in the increase in the air of popcorn, but after entering the human body is more likely to digest and absorb.gay spa
The reason why popcorn into junk food is mainly because, although the modern popcorn has basically no lead, but in making popcorn, in order to increase the taste, often add sugar, cream, preservatives, ghee, hydrogenated vegetable oil and pigment etc.. These substances are very detrimental to the cardiovascular and liver health of the human body.
For the sake of health, although it is essentially corn, but it is recommended to eat less popcorn, eat more authentic corn bar.gay escort
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