Snow tea is really good for health?

A friend of love tea to collect fresh snow, intended to "cook snow tea," and said that this tea is not only delicious drink, but also longevity, there are many health

Xiaobian expressed doubts: snow tea really have health effects? Will there be a lot of contaminants in the snow?


Snow from the sky can also be medicine?

In ancient China, the classic Chinese medicine book, "Compendium of Materia Medica," the evaluation of snow is: "In the folk, the twelfth lunar month snow by the people called" cheap drugs ", A wide range of applications.

In the "Dream of Red Mansions" 41 "Baoyu tea Chui um" section, Miaoyu to Baoyu pour a cup of tea is snow bubble. Tang poet Bai Juyi "melting snow fried tea," the poem, the Song Dynasty poet Xin Qiji "fine tea by cooking Hornsey" words, "snow" in ancient times is not uncommon. gay male massage videos

Why can snow have such wonderful effect? The original structure of the snow is very strange. First of all, snow water containing heavy water than ordinary water less 1/4. This is because the heavy water and ordinary water saturated water pressure is small, evaporation into the water vapor condensation of the opportunity to cloud less. Heavy water on a variety of biological life activities have a strong inhibitory effect, is a deadly water. Experiments show that the seeds of crops can not germinate in heavy water, fish containing 30% to 50% of heavy water in water will soon die. This is because heavy water is composed of an oxygen atom and two deuterium atoms (one of the isotopes of hydrogen), the nucleus of deuterium has a proton in addition to hydrogen, but also a neutron, the biological life has serious harm. Snow in the heavy water less, naturally beneficial to life. gay spa


Drinking really better than drinking snow?

Just said the benefits of drinking snow, but these are conditional, not to say what kind of snow can drink.

First, let's look at how snow is formed. It requires two conditions: water vapor and condensed nuclei.

Water vapor As the name suggests, we all know what it means. Air at a certain temperature can contain the maximum amount of water vapor, called the saturated water vapor. The temperature at which air reaches saturation is called the dew point. When the air is cooled to a temperature below the dew point, excess water vapor in the air becomes water droplets or ice crystals.

Condensate nuclei for most people is unfamiliar things, some people have done the test, if there is no condensation of nuclear, air moisture, supersaturated to relative humidity of 500% or more, it is possible to condense into water droplets. Artificial rainfall is also the use of this principle, artificial disseminated condensed nuclei caused by rainfall. Condensation nuclei generally include the following three types: gay club


(1) do not dissolve in water, but the surface energy of water by the wet nuclei. Mainly after the weathering of some of the mineral particles, such as calcium carbonate. The condensation properties of such nuclei, depending on the size of the nucleus and the ability to adsorb water molecules.

(2) soluble nucleus. Is the number of soluble salt particles, such as marine and soil in the sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and magnesium sulfate, etc., combustion products such as sodium sulfate, the atmosphere generated by the chemical reaction of ammonium sulfate.

(3). Each core contains both soluble and insoluble components, such as a gas into the cloud droplets, the formation of soluble salts by chemical reaction, followed by water evaporation, residual salt crystals attached to the droplets of insoluble nucleus. gay sex massage

In other words, the snow may contain the above three substances, long-term consumption of these substances is harmful to human health. Moreover, the urban air pollution is increasingly serious, the formation and falling snow in the process of adsorption will be a lot of dust and particles, if not through professional filtering treatment, drinking the snow melt snow, presumably and haze is no different.
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