After the beginning of autumn diet should pay attention to e

After the beginning of autumn, the weather is still hot, the so-called "autumn" say is this time. At this time, the diet should begin to slowly transition, in order to meet the cold winter to lay a good foundation. Summer main "long", the fall of the main "close", now, the diet should pay attention to. gay sauna
After the beginning of autumn diet should pay attention to two aspects
Honey does not eat ginger
Honey Runfei raise lung function, while the autumn need is supporting the lung yin. On the other hand, or eat or eat less spicy foods, including pepper, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, onion and wine, especially ginger. These foods are hot, but also lost a lot of water in cooking, easy to get angry after eating, aggravating the harm to the human body. Such as ginger, such a warning will appear in the ancient books: "within a year, autumn do not eat ginger".
In addition to honey, can also eat some sesame seeds, almonds and other food, can supplement the spleen and stomach nourishing Runchang, can prevent Qiuzao caused by the lack of body fluid, common cough, dry throat, dull skin, constipation and other physical symptoms can be alleviated. gay
Eat "fruit" do not eat "melon""
Folk proverb called "autumn melon bad belly, some delicious melons are cold in nature, eating more will damage the spleen and stomach, so you should not overdo sth.. But some "fruit kind" but can eat more. Pear lungs, phlegm cough can, is the autumn fruit advocate. Apple is rich in vitamins and potassium, not only beneficial to patients with cardiovascular disease, but also diarrhea. Longan is strong, nourishing and soothe the nerves, blood and other effects, is especially suitable for the elderly insomnia at night. The grapes can prevent fatigue, with Qi, blood, bones, stomach, diuretic effect.
Fall diet five taboo
Chinese medicine believes that autumn is the transition period in two seasons, the temperature change from hot to cold, health should also be "Yang" to "yin". At this time people want to maintain a healthy diet should be a taboo, not to eat and drink.
Avoid eating and drinking too much
The average person to the fall, due to a pleasant climate, rich in food, often eat too much. Excessive intake of excess calories, will be converted into fat accumulation, so that people get fat. In the autumn diet, pay attention to the amount, not indulgence of appetite, eating and club
Avoid spicy cold food
Autumn should eat less irritating strong food, spicy, hot, such as pepper etc.. Also want to avoid all kinds of damp and hot gas savings, usually with a pungent smell of food, there is the function of the distribution, and therefore advocated to eat spicy flavor of food such as celery. In addition, due to the fall weather from hot to cool, the body in order to adapt to this change, physiological metabolism also changes. Pay special attention to diet, not to be too cold, so as not to cause stomach indigestion, the occurrence of various gastrointestinal disorders.
Avoid eating dry food.
Chinese medicine believes that the product is easy to hurt the pain of the body fluid. Autumn dryness in lung Jiao dirty, communicated with the dry autumn air, easily feel the autumn dryness of evil. Many chronic respiratory diseases tend to recur or gradually increase from the beginning of the fall. So, should avoid autumn diet regimen over the dry food, such as fried foods. In addition, in order to meet the arrival of winter, the body will keep out the cold storage of fat. Therefore, calorie intake is greater than the sporadic, slightly careless, weight increased, so more attention should be paid to the obesity autumn diet, should eat low calorie diet foods, such as beans, radish, bamboo shoots, barley, kelp, mushroom, etc.. In addition, ordinary people after the beginning of autumn in the diet to increase acid, to enhance liver function, to eat apples, grapes, hawthorn, grapefruit and other acidic, juicy fruit, have curative effect on the diseases of hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc..
Avoid greasy, fried food
Greasy fried food is not easy to digest, accumulate in the stomach, aggravating body stagnant heat, is not conducive to dryness, many chronic respiratory diseases often relapse or exacerbation in autumn, it is for this reason.
Avoid blind control diet
People fall fat, some people are afraid of fat in order to control weight, eat only vegetables and fruits in autumn, do not eat staple food. This approach is not desirable. Regardless of any season, ignoring the staple diet is extremely inappropriate behavior. People need nutrients and energy reserves should be comprehensive and balanced, must be provided through a rich diet, the staple food is an indispensable source of nutrition. In addition, the meat is often despised by weight loss, but also contains other foods can not be replaced, the human body essential nutrients. Blindly change the structure of the diet, harmful to the escort
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