Reminder: to the hospital to see a doctor in advance to do a

Many people have such experience, think of a doctor, do not know which department to choose, which experts, but do not know their own to do some preparation. Especially in the field of patients, if not do a good job in advance, not easy to come to the big hospital, because there is no preparation, the impact of the day of gaytreatment, but also to wait for the next time come back, back and forth is not convenient. In order to let more people know what to do to the hospital to see what needs to be done, what do you do? Professor Shang Hongtao, director of the center for disease prevention and treatment of the disease center of Jiangsu Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital for all of us, perhaps to help.
Do your homework in advance" gay esocrt
Many people go to the hospital, I do not know which department, which hang the number of experts, how to register, recommended to do "homework": through the official website, micro-blog, WeChat know the hospital survey, expert outpatient department, and time and registered mail.
What are you going to do before you go to see a doctor?
After hanging to the number, to the hospital before, if it is generally recommended fasting in newly diagnosed patients to the hospital, so that clinicians issued the relevant inspection, inspection data came out, experts can timely diagnosis and treatment, the convenience of patients. If the patient with, to check all data in the past and on an outpatient medical record with, in order to specialists.
To the hospital to do what preparation?
Morning fasting
Why fasting? Because the biochemical, blood glucose, liver and kidney function tests, after eating the results will be affected; hepatobiliary ultrasonography, gallbladder contraction, if eating, abdominal gas, and affect the results; Department of Stomatology examination, carbon 13HP project checking should fasting. The clinical examination data are generated in the fasting state, the standard state, and thus more accurate; if the changes produced by the body after eating, especially the change of blood glucose, examination of the data is not accurate, so that fasting.
Avoid excessive fasting
In order to ensure the test results accurately, a lot of blood tests required the patient fasting. However, excessive fasting will affect the detection results. If the fasting time to reach more than 18 hours, some tests will have abnormal results, such as serum bilirubin may increase due to an increase in fasting time, blood sugar can be reduced for a long time as a result of fasting blood sugar. The fasting blood standard is: the night before, try to keep the normal living habits, normal diet; the meal should be light, do not drink tea, do not drink coffee after dinner. The second day morning, do not eat breakfast, drink or not drink, do not do morning exercise, quietly to the hospital waiting for blood collection.
Avoid too late blood
One day, people's metabolism is always fluctuating, and its metabolic rate is not a level. Therefore, physical examination requirements in the morning 7: 30~8: 30 fasting blood, the latest should not be more than 12: 00. Too the party because of the effect of physiological endocrine hormones in the body, so that the detection value distortion.
Avoid mood swings
Stress and emotion can affect neuroendocrine function, which leads to the increase of non - fatty acid, lactic acid and glucose in serum. So before the physical examination to control emotions, to maintain a stable state of mind before testing, do not move back and forth, eat cold drinks or smoking, etc.. gay
Avoid strenuous exercise
Exercise can cause changes in blood and body fluids, even if it is a mild activity, it can also cause physiological changes in the level of endocrine hormone levels, which can affect the results. Therefore, two days before the physical exercise, do not do strenuous exercise, 1 hours ago, it is not appropriate to take a walk and other mild activities.
Avoid greasy diet
Diet is the most important factor affecting blood lipids, fasting 12 hours after the examination of blood lipids requirements, after the general dinner, in addition to drinking water, do not eat other foods. In addition, in order to ensure the objective and accurate results of the physical examination, subjects should eat or not eat high fat food within 3 days before the seizure, do not drink alcohol. gay sex massage
Avoid the physical period
Women's menstrual period, pregnancy test blood can affect the physiological condition of period, so before and after the menstrual period is not suitable for gynecological examination, blood routine examination, liver function tests. Breast infrared examination is also the best choice for a week after menstruation clean.
Avoid blind withdrawal
Blood collection to fasting, but the treatment of chronic disease patients should be treated differently. If every morning some hypertensive patients taking antihypertensive drugs, to stop or postpone blood pressure medication can cause swells, danger. So hypertensive patients should be as usual after taking antihypertensive drugs, and then accept the medical examination. If you are taking antibiotics or vitamin C and weight loss drugs, to be stopped after 3 days to receive a medical examination.male massage
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