two. The first year after the birth of the baby should pay attention to things.

Seven months gay
to protect the baby teeth, after eating milk, feed a few mouthfuls of warm water rinse the mouth, cotton swab sticky water every day to help the baby clean teeth and gums.
to the baby to tell the story and look at the color picture book, repeat a story to tell the baby to reflect.
baby will appear fake crying, smirking, etc. to achieve their own goals, the mother should, as the situation so that your baby can not achieve this goal, after a few times, the baby will not be such a. If not, the baby will think of ways to fabricate more complex lies.
baby throwing things, not to provoke you angry, the beginning is because of hypoplasia with instability, my mother should not be angry, and the baby should throw things to play the game, appropriate to guide.
baby afraid of strangers, there attachment, can give more accompany and guide.
Eight months
Do not give your baby sugar water, ice water. gay escort
training baby with a teaspoon.
baby will appear a lot of repetitive movements, such as repeatedly put the same building blocks, do not stop.
Do not tell the baby "dark, outside like a ghost," then the baby will be afraid of the dark, timid, not alone.
Super List! The first year after the birth of the baby should pay attention to things
Nine months
can eat pasta, small steamed bread and so on.
exclusive breastfeeding 6 months ago, the baby can not drink, 6 months after the baby not to drink ice water, drink boiled warm water.
Do not give the baby to eat puffed food, popcorn, egg, fried dough sticks, pickled foods, MSG and more food, will affect the baby's intelligence.
regular exercise baby crawling ability, do not rush to let the baby walk. Climb good, to go.
Ten months gay male massage 
Do not eat sugar and chocolate.
develop baby eating rules, regular quantitative position, to develop good habits, otherwise the baby is not easy to eat, affect the development. Firmly do not eat snacks, eat snacks will affect the dinner.
and baby reading a book, open book.
to the baby to prepare the toy box, let the baby finished his toys put back. Can tell him that the ball home.
training baby sense of music, 10 to 15 minutes a day of classical music, the baby crawl can put a rhythm of music.
do the game to stimulate the baby curiosity, you can set the building blocks pushed to, and then take the baby ride, you can let the baby find the ball.
Eleven months
learn to stand.
baby to create an independent thinking environment, the baby playing with toys or blocks do not disturb, if you buy a new toy to see the baby is still playing other toys, do not interrupt the baby, so the baby does not play, and then tell the baby to play with new toys , Or the baby will not concentrate on anything, will be used to trample.
to see pictures of animals called.
Do not use walkers. gay sex massage
baby can not condone, you can transfer your baby's attention, or wait for the baby to calm down and then processed.
Twelve months

let the baby more open book, you can exercise your fingers flexible, with the baby reading and reading, insist on watching every day, to develop a habit of reading the baby initiative.
baby training their own to go, the baby fell, and must not help, reluctantly guide their baby up, the baby will be very slow at the beginning, and slowly from their own, this baby strong, independent.
light feet to walk more benefits.
to speak to the baby the opportunity, such as the baby if you want to take the cup, do not immediately handed him to encourage the baby to say it. To regularly train the baby the opportunity to speak, 12 to 24 months is the baby oral expression stage, the baby should be training to express their own initiative. The best time to learn oral English is 2 to 4 years old, so do not wait to go to school and then learn English. gay male massage videos
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