Always eyelids jump? Secret women 12 strange symptoms

The eyelids often jump, the nail appears white, often with needle like pain. Our bodies often appear in such or such strange symptoms, why?
Strange one: "left eye jumping wealth, the right eye jump disaster", eyelids often jump will make blind and disorderly conjectures. male massage
Reason: eyelid jump is due to fatigue or stress caused by the eye around the muscle spasm, usually lasts for about 20 seconds, with a finger gently press the eyelids will ease the symptoms.
Give them: if the eye pain or to see things blurred, double shadow, then requires careful ophthalmologic examination, because these symptoms are likely to be the precursor of retinal detachment or an eye infection.
Strange two: when you chew the gills often make a sound, attracting the eyes of others.
Reason: it is likely because the tension of the muscles too tired or forced. If the muscle force does not make the temporomandibular joint movement blocked, it is connected to the jaw and skull of the joint, is located in the ear. If you have a sound when you chew it occasionally, you should not have too much problem, but you should also note that the next time you see a dentist.
Give them: if you eat when there is noise, even with his pain, tinnitus or headache, you may be suffering from temporomandibular joint disorders, should see a doctor promptly. The general method of treatment is sleeping with the gills fixed equipment, it can make the cheek muscles fixed in situ, but also prevent you sleep teeth. Usually eat hard food every week, then attaining a hot towel.
Three strange: there is a piece of white fingernails.
The reason: when you move things hit their hands or fingers crowded by the door when, can make the nails white spots appeared, it is purely due to trauma. When the new nail long, white spots will disappear naturally.
Give them: if each nails have white spots, and not due to trauma, it shows that liver or kidney problems. Easily broken or thickened nails are likely to be onychomycosis or infection, oral and topical drugs for treatment. But if it is only a white spot appears repeatedly, which shows the lack of iron in the body, should be timely to the hospital diagnosis.    gay male massage videos
Four strange: when sleeping legs often cramps, sometimes wake up sore.
The reason: when our bodies rest, the brain is not inactive, and active nerve cells will make the muscle to exercise, and the brain sends a signal to the leg muscles relax, can cause leg muscle spasm. Although only a few seconds, but enough to wake you from sleep.
Give them: if the weekly cramps more than 4 times, resulting in you often due to cramps and pain to wake up, can not be ignored, may be dietary minerals (such as magnesium, calcium), deficient in motor neuron disease or local circulation, peripheral vascular disease or varicose veins. This requires a systematic examination, and then treatment.
Strange five: sleep at the time of breathing difficulties.
Reason: when sleeping, especially the habit of lying on the side, often because of the relationship between the gravity, making the nasal mucous membrane of the bad blood, resulting in nasal obstruction. There is also a possibility because there is a foreign body in the nose. So it is particularly important to keep the nasal cavity.
Give them: long-term nasal obstruction can cause nasal or nasal chamber pressure, and cause headaches. Also exists between the membrane and the middle turbinate olfactory nerves become narrow, even completely closed, finally unable to smell. If it is accompanied by visual impairment, tinnitus and other phenomena, it can not be ignored. Because there are many reasons for the cause of nasal congestion, the best way is to seriously into the Department of ENT to do a detailed escort
Six strange: the body often have needle like pain, but soon disappeared.
Reason: if the momentary pain in the abdomen, may be caused by constipation or stitch; if it appears in the shoulder, is likely to suffer from tendinitis; if appear in the foot, may be cramps or also because of tendinitis. General this moment will be able to disappear from the pain is nothing to worry about.
Give them: if the pain is too frequent, more and more intense pain, duration longer, often after exercise, there may be signs of other diseases. Abdominal pain, for example, is a sign of indigestion, and foot pain is a symptom of a broken bone.
Strange seven: when the tension will be sweating hands and feet.
The reason: when we are under great pressure, the body will secrete sweat to relieve tension, because the sweat glands in different parts, the sensory and mental stimulation and response to thermal stimulation is also different. The effect of tension, fear, excitement and other psychological factors, the transmission of nerve impulses from the cerebral cortex to the palm eccrine department, resulting in eccrine secretion and excretion activity increased rapidly in the short term, which is the spirit of palm sweating. This sweat generally appear in the palm part, sometimes appear in the back of the hand, head, neck, forearm and leg etc.. A few people in a highly nervous, even the sweat runs down like raindrops, streaming with 
Give them: if sweating when accompanied by chills, cold hands and feet, pulse instability, shortness of breath and other symptoms, it is not only the nerve may be sweating, heart problems, to do an electrocardiogram.
Strange eight: when a meal is often a string of gas, resulting in abdominal distension, affect the normal meal.
Reason: people who eat fast food or drink in a big mouth swallow into the air, causing abdominal distension. There is also a possibility that eating too much fiber foods, because it can increase the capacity of the intestinal lumen and affect the normal bowel movements, resulting in abdominal distension. In addition, the
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