Different effects of Different Radish

As the saying goes, autumn and winter radish race, right now is a small ginseng listed a good season. But little is known about the taste of different parts of the radish, eating is also different. gay spa
Radish top to 3~5 cm with less moisture, texture hard, suitable to make soup, stir fried shredded mutton, but also can be equipped with adjustable filling, excellent taste.
Radish middle more sugar content, high sweetness, crisp texture, this area is the best in the whole radish taste, so suitable for middle salad, raw, cold dish is delicious, also can fry or make soup.
Below the middle of the radish to tail, contains a lot of amylase and mustard oil, spicy flavor, can play the role of promoting digestion. If love spicy radish, can choose the raw or pickled radish. Can not accept spicy person can choose fried, stew or stuffing and other cooking methods, can reduce the spicy.
Radish variety, each radish has good edible and medical value, Chinese disease of nutrition and food safety prevention and control center of the ho Lai suggested that every week can meal "radish meeting" is a good choice.
1 eat white radish can be phlegm
White radish contains more than 90% of water, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote stool discharge. Chinese medicine believes that the radish is cool, can be phlegm and heat. To be reminded that the white radish is best eaten raw or cold, and the content of minerals and vitamins in radish skin is higher, the best do not throw away the food.
2 eat carrots can grow a
Carrots are rich in beta carotene, in the human body can be transformed into vitamin A, can effectively improve the eye fatigue and dry eye problems. In addition, it is necessary for the normal growth of bones, and it is of great significance to promote the development of infants and young children. It is best to eat cooked carrots, because it contains fat soluble vitamins, eating can cause most carotene can not be absorbed by the body. It would be better to make the carrots cut into pieces and meat together with a pressure cooker stew, in order to improve the absorption rate of carrot.
3 eat green radish can diuretic   gay sex massage
The upper green radish sweet less spicy, spicy to the tail and extremely resistant to storage. It is cool, sweet, SHUNQI diuretic effect is very good, is a typical raw food varieties, also known as the "fruit of radish".
4 draft radish vitamin C
Water radish more common in the summer, the high content of vitamin C, is equivalent to 2 times the weight of white radish, green radish 3 times. The radish is rich in dietary fiber, can promote gastrointestinal motility, contribute to the body of waste discharges, with a diuretic, digestion and other effects, and are conducive to the hangover. Because the water radish vitamin C content is high, so it is best eaten directly.
5 red radish can lose weight.
This radish contains less calories, more cellulose, easy to produce a sense of fullness after eating, help to lose weight. It is also rich in anthocyanins, with antioxidant functions. Containing the pigment of vegetables, after acid stains can make the color more bright red. Red radish is the best salad, the purchase will choose more water.
What are the benefits of raw carrot?
1 raw carrot is rich in vitamin C, its content is 8~10 times higher than pears, and vitamin C is good at anti canceranti cancer.gay club
2 raw turnip contains a kind of anti tumor activity substance, which has a significant inhibitory effect on esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, cervical cancer and so on.
3 radish rich in cellulose can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce the feces in the intestinal tract of residence time, in time to the intestinal tract of toxic substances in vitro, favorable to reduce the incidence of colon cancer.
4 the lignin in the radish can increase the vigor of the macrophage by 2~3 times, and improve the ability of the body's disease resistance.gay escort
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