The traffic air pollution can cause smoke into brain cancer

Traffic smoke gets into the brain. Small particles of metal in the exhaust will fly into the nasal cavity and enter the brain, where they will help boost the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease. gay
The traffic air pollution can cause smoke into brain cancer rates
Iron nanoparticles have been discovered in the brain, but they are thought to be derived from the iron particles that are naturally obtained from food. Now, further research on the structure found that most of these particles come from air pollution sources, such as traffic smoke and coal combustion. These findings provide conclusive evidence, said Barbara Maher of the University of Lancaster, UK.
As part of a lot of biological molecules, iron can exist in different forms in the human body. But this form is present in the form of a magnet or iron oxide, which is highly reactive and magnetic, and has been found to be associated with Alzheimer's club
Barbara Maher's team tested the brains of 37 people living in Manchester or Mexico. By monitoring the magnetic intensity of the brain tissue, the study found that each gram of brain tissue contains millions of magnetic particles.
This surprising result was found when the team used an electron microscope to look at the front of the brain of 6 subjects. The number ratio of magnetic particle rounded than female angle for 100:1 crystal.
The crystal form or produced from natural sources, such as from the cells of the body iron. But the circular particles usually come from the melting of iron at high temperatures, from the burning of the fuel.
Barbara Maher said that the shape of these particles is a strong evidence from pollutants. "There is iron in the fuel impurities, and there is iron in the car engine block." She said, "if you walk in the street, you will inhale them, how can they not enter the human body system?"
These magnetic nanoparticles are less than 200 nm in diameter, so they may enter the nerve end of the nasal cavity from the air, and from there into the brain, Barbara Maher's team said. The team also found that the brain contains a car engine in the presence, but the body is very rare metal nanoparticles, such as platinum.
According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported recently, scientists warn children's Cancer Society of England said, due to air pollution, pesticide use, unhealthy diet and radiation and other reasons, in the past 16 years, the British 15 to 24 year old young cancer patients increased by 60%.
According to the data released by the British children's Cancer Society last week, the researchers found that, by the latest analysis of the official data, 1300 cases of cancer diagnosed in the UK each year are more than cases in 1998. Among them, the most obvious proportion of cancer patients is between the ages of 15 to 24 years of age group, from 10 cases per 100 thousand cases increased to massage
The researchers said that although the increased number of cases in which there is a part can be explained by the increase in cancer diagnosis and increased screening, but the vast majority of cases caused by environmental factors.
A professor at the University of Bristol, British children's Cancer Institute Science Advisor Dr. Dennis Hinshaw said, at present, the air pollution is caused by arch-criminal cancer patients increased, but other factors in modern life are equally to blame. These include obesity, the use of pesticides, circadian rhythm disorders, X light and CT scanning caused by radiation, pregnancy and pregnancy after smoking, wire and other family appliances produced by magnetic field, radiation may even include the mobile sauna
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