Senior sent to the crew: promoting national brands

The afternoon of August 7th, Kweichow Moutai Group Chairman Yuan Renguo, party secretary and general manager Li Baofang, jointly sent a letter to Wu Jing, to pay tribute to him and the movie "wolf 2" cast the patriotism of Wu Jing, as a national brand, "China manufacturing" to promote the heartfelt massage
Moutai executives sent a letter to the wolf 2 crew: Thank you for free promotion of national brands
In Africa, as the materials of the background of the "evacuation wolf 2", is a patriotic action film directed and starred in the well-known actor Wu Jing, it is not only the most recent domestic fire movie, is also the focus of the review. Tanzania to promote patriotism, openly promote domestic products, Wu Jing upright tough guy image, especially the end of a bottle of Moutai up a shot, become moviegoers hot classic plot.
Moutai group to Wu Jing wrote in the letter of thanks, "you and your crew of careful planning and portrait interpretation," wolf 2 "set off a strong summer movie file, released just more than 10 days at the box office, singing all the way towards the three billion mark, constantly refresh all Chinese film records become a phenomenal movie."gay spa
Moutai executives sent a letter to the wolf 2 crew: Thank you for free promotion of national brands
"The wolf" values of the 2 strong, highly consistent with the national spirit of Moutai's corporate values. Thank you for the letter said, "touched" and "shock" has become the majority of fans of the "first impressions 2" wolf, "wolf 2" has become synonymous with the patriotism. "Here," the wolf would like to extend our sincere congratulations on the 2 "made such remarkable achievements! And the patriotism shown in the film to you and your crew pay tribute!"gay club
Thank you letter stressed that "in the" wolf 2 ", you are free for the Moutai wine scene implantation, so this China name card again triggered the eclectic world, the majority of fans in hot pursuit of national brands."
Are the Moutai and Beijing jeeps implanted in the movie ad implants? Wu Jing in an interview, made it clear that: "Moutai and Beijing jeep, are not implanted in the ad, I just want to advertise under the domestic products, let the world see the real Chinese manufacturing."".
Yuan Renguo, Li Baofang commented in a letter of thanks, the answer "demonstrate your noble personality and broad mind, it can be said that with such character and pattern," wolf 2 "success is no accident.
According to reports, "wolf 2" after the release, Moutai group attaches great importance to watch the "wolf 2" as a patriotic education activities, organization of the branch staff in viewing private use, also require employees to write about it, and will show excellent and wonderful reviews published in the media sauna
Yuan Renguo, Li Baofang in the letter said, "after watching the film, has aroused strong repercussions in the country more than thirty thousand employees," wolf 2 "not only arouse their patriotic enthusiasm, at the same time the film implanted Moutai lens, greatly enhance the employee's sense of honor and pride, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of Moutai group the."
At the end of the letter, Yuan Renguo and Li Baofang thanked Wu Jing again for the publicity and promotion of the Chinese national brand. "Previously, your crew had the famous actor Shi Zhaoqi and my company executives have been in contact, we sincerely invite you and your" wolf 2 "crew to visit Moutai."male massage
According to reports, in recent years, Moutai liquor brand continues to heat up, not only to become the world's first liquor enterprises, has become one of the most significant growth rate of the world wine market covering main enterprises. For further cultivating overseas markets to the global promotion of outstanding "China manufacturing" brand, greatly enhance the Moutai liquor sales in overseas markets accounted for, which is an important part of Moutai's "13th Five-Year" plan. According to reports, in mid November this year, Moutai group will continue to promote the "culture of Moutai Belt and Road Initiative line activities, and for the first time into the" wolf 2 "places in africa. "Africa is a new growth point for Moutai in the global market. We are very optimistic about the development here."."
"National brands to the world, we need more like Wu Jing director, such feelings, patterns of artists for our drum and call.". "This support is very valuable, but also moving," Moutai group responsible person sex massage
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