The Scout flew low over The Pentagon

China Daily on August 10 power, local time on August 9th, a Russian reconnaissance aircraft from the U.S. capital of Washington over the security airspace flew over. Two US government officials said it was likely to gather intelligence in view of the proximity of the Russian reconnaissance aircraft to the The Pentagon, Houses of Parliament and other government buildings.boy massage
Based on the open skies treaty, the Russian air force map, -154, was allowed to observe flights over washington. The open skies treaty was signed in 1992 and came into effect in 2002. The treaty participants may, as required, carry out unarmed aerial reconnaissance of their territory in order to check their implementation of the international arms control treaty. Russia ratified the open skies treaty in May 2001. Up to now, 34 countries have signed the treaty, including Russia and most NATO members.shanghai gay massage
9, the U.S. Capitol Police Station issued an early warning to remind that a "authorized low altitude flying aircraft" will be between 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. into the air restricted area. The warning is not mentioned in the plane where all belong to, only that "this is a large aircraft may fly directly over the above Houses of Parliament", "the United States Congress police and other federal agencies will monitor closely the plane".
An anonymous U.S. defense officials confirmed that the police warning issued to the Congress in the plane is a Russian reconnaissance aircraft, the aircraft is flying in the U.S. according to the relevant provisions of the "open skies treaty".
CNN (CNN) and other U.S. media reported that the evening of 9, the Russian reconnaissance aircraft flying over the United States President Donald Trump in New Jersey, Muenster's sky, there will be a plane following flight, U.S. military personnel will also supervise compliance with the procedures for the use of observation instruments and treaties in the machine.shanghai gay club
Vincent Stuart, commander of the US Defense Intelligence Agency and commander of the Marine Corps, believes that Russia might use the open skies treaty. Stewart, who was on the Subcommittee on the military committee of the house of Representatives, said he would be "happy" to reject Russian aircraft flying over us airspace as an excuse for the open skies treaty in the future. "I think, during the flight, what one sees and hears the data collected through post-processing and analysis, can help Russia to obtain credible basic information about the important infrastructure, military bases, ports and other facilities. So, in my opinion, they will take a big advantage."shanghai gay spa
In April of last year, a US military OC-135B aircraft carried out an observation flight over Russia in accordance with the open skies treaty. In the meantime, the aircraft equipped with a joint mission of the United States and Czech, as well as Russian experts, who are responsible for overseeing the flight.shanghai male massage
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