Organizing minister sacked informed new words: long hidden whereabouts

According to the Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection news: Recently, approved by the Heilongjiang provincial Party committee, the Heilongjiang Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection filing for review of the original Qigihar Municipal Committee of Ministers of the organization Hu Fumian serious disciplinary problems.shanghai gay massage
The governor of Chang'an Avenue found a special statement in Hu Fumian's briefing: "long hidden tracks, out of the organization.".
That had investigated the case, leading cadres do not want to talk to "clarification", no organization organization, supervision to out of contact with anyone, from the organization, is often the precursor to the problem.
It is an important political discipline and political rule within the party to report and report to the organization truthfully.
Since the eighteen years, many party laws and regulations have been formulated and revised, all of which demand the implementation of the system of requesting instructions and reporting. The provisions of the "several criteria" for party political life under the new situation, "leading cadres must strengthen the sense of organization, on matters related to the major issues and personal work must be in accordance with the provisions in accordance with the procedure to the organization to consult the report to leave their posts or work place to advance to the organization for the report."shanghai male massage
The inner party supervision regulations twenty-fourth requirements, adhere to and improve the system of leading cadres report personal matters, leading cadres should reportrelevantpersonalmatterstruthfullyaccordingtotheprovisions, timely reporting of personal and family major case, the prior approval of the report from the posts or work place.
Cases investigated in recent years show that there are indeed families of leading cadres, children who do not report abroad for a long time, major changes in the family, no reports, important events around the people, non reporting, and so on. What is more, such as Hu Fumian, disappear, no news, where people, do not grasp what organization.
Hu Fumian was born on June 1952 in Heilongjiang, Suihua, a former Zhaozhou county magistrate, Kedong County, the county Party Secretary, Secretary of the Nehe Municipal Committee, Qigihar Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Organization Department minister.shanghai gay club
Qigihar organization minister sacked informed new words: long hidden whereabouts
Graduated from the economic management professional Hu published many articles, as Kedong County Party Secretary in 1997, was published entitled "radical erosion of rural economic development" article. His two papers were also concentrated in the outstanding papers of the National Secretary of the municipal Party committee, which was publicly published.
When serving in Nehe, Hu Fumian publicly said in the city's political and law cadres conference and veteran cadres conference, "I have not sold any official since I entered politics.". Not now, not in the past, not in the future. If who found my Maiguan, please report to the higher level, we welcome supervision......"
According to media reports, there was a Fu Keji cadres heard that Hu Fumian is from the Kedong County to find friends, Kedong let its "contact". But the answer was, "you still don't understand, don't read like that.". If you do that, it can only backfire."
Today, the Commission informed of Hu has been sitting, he in the selection and appointment of cadres to seek benefits for others, and accepting property.
In May, 5 years after Hu Fumian's retirement, he was informed of the organization's investigation. Previously, he had long worked with Qigihar former party secretary Yang Xin has been placed on file for review.
Qigihar organization minister sacked informed new words: long hidden whereabouts Yang Xin
Yang letter in 2000 from the provincial authorities came to Qigihar municipal Party committee office, than 2 years earlier, and later served as mayor of Qigihar, municipal committee, municipal people's Congress Chairman, Yang and Hu worked for 9 years, and almost at the same time to retire. Two or fellow villagers, are Heilongjiang, Suihua people.shanghai gay spa
Public reports show that Yang Xin is also checked after leaving the leadership post. At that time, the central eighth inspection team visited Heilongjiang. Yang sacked after more than a month, his brother Li Yonghu in the case was taken about the handling department investigation.
The verdict, Li Yonghu by letter to Yang brother-in-law then Baiquan county magistrate Zhou Weiyou "hello", after Zhou Weiyou repeatedly violated the provisions help Li Yonghu to solve the difficulties in the project, Li Yonghu illegal profits of tens of millions.
There are media reports, Yang Xin is responsible for $100 thousand in bribes received a company, when he was vice mayor of Daqing city to call, ask him to give "help", let the land development project the company approved by the Daqing municipal government departments.
February this year, the Heilongjiang provincial inspection team visited Qigihar feedback "look back" situation. The inspection group pointed out that Yang Xin and other serious cases of illegal violation occurred, serious damage to the party case to the political environment in Qigihar city caused by the lack of knowledge, lack of guagu, zhuangshiduanwan determination, case processing attitude is not resolute, not in time, lead to the nature and harm of some cadres of Yang Xin and other serious violations of discipline still clearly, the political ecological restoration still needs a lot of massage
April 7th, Qigihar held a leading cadres warning education conference. The meeting mentioned: Yang letter case, there are a number of leading cadres figure. Some festivals, in order to please send gifts, some to promotion, buying and bribery. These people in unhealthy practices, smoke erosion, abnormal as a normal, greed blinded the mind, it is difficult to turn back. Yang Xin and other people's style, but also led to a number of leading cadres were disseminated, corruption of the Party style and social atmosphere.
The meeting also talked about the harm caused by the corruption, such as Yang Xin, to Qigihar. Some people still have a wrong understanding of it, some think it is indifferent, and even some are grateful.
Warning education meeting after a month long work with Yang Xin Hu Fumian fall
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