Purchase Deregulation: not subject to household registration restrictions

August 18th, the Changsha municipal housing and Urban Construction Committee through its official website, issued the "Changsha talent purchase and purchase subsidies implementation measures (Trial)". "Measures" clear, Changsha identified A, B, C, D four categories of talent, enjoy the Changsha household population purchase policy. Work in Changsha, with a specialist or above or technician and above professional qualifications of talent, the first purchase without household registration and tax, social security deposit limit.shanghai gay massage
The "measures" clear, the introduction of new international top talent, incorporated into the national industrial city project Changsha leading high-tech talent selection of leading talent, provincial and municipal industry leading talent after the purchase, respectively, according to 200 square meters, 150 square meters, 100 square meters of standard to the market price for the region over the same period (single) full purchase subsidies among them, less than the standard area according to the actual construction area of the purchase of housing subsidies, more than the standard area according to the standard area of subsidies; the purchase price higher than the regional market in the same price, calculated according to the average price subsidies; the purchase price lower than the regional average price over the same period in the market, calculated according to the actual purchase price subsidies.shanghai male massage
The "measures" clear, newly settled and worked in Changsha domain full-time doctoral graduates (excluding institutions in personnel), under the age of 35, for the first time after the purchase, can apply for 60 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan purchase subsidies. Changsha city enterprises in June 21st this year after the introduction of new or newly acquired senior technician occupation personnel qualification certificates of first-time buyers in Changsha, may apply for the purchase of 30 thousand yuan subsidy.shanghai gay club
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