McDonald's response to disable antibiotic chicken list

In August 23rd, American fast-food chain giant McDonald's Corp announced that the company in 2018 will be the requirements of global broiler suppliers began to gradually stop the use of human antibiotics to prevent super bacteria more, China did not appear in the first list.
McDonald's said in its statement that broiler suppliers were phasing out the "priority of the most important antimicrobial agents" in the human drug identified by the WHO (HPCIA).shanghai gay massage
McDonald's announced timetable display, since January 2018, the company will be in Brazil, Canada, Japan, South Korea, the United States and the European market the first to stop using antibiotics in human chicken, but European suppliers can still use mycetozoan. By the end of 2019, suppliers in Australia and Russia will also discontinue the use of these antibiotics, and European suppliers will discontinue using colistin. The rest of the market will be completely discontinued in January 2027.
In addition, McDonald's plans to extend the policy to other meat, dairy and egg laying hens.
About Chinese not listed in the first batch of reduced use of antibiotics in the list, McDonald's Chinese surging news issued a statement saying, "in China, McDonald's and the world to reduce the use of antibiotics and has the same goal, in close cooperation with relevant government departments, suppliers, industry associations, academic experts, according to the actual situation of China agriculture, promote the sustainable development of the industry the."shanghai male massage
But McDonald's Chinese believes in poultry breeding as an example, the rational use of antibiotics in the treatment process is necessary, the supply of medication in veterinary medicine under the guidance of the chamber of Commerce, type, usage and dosage of drugs strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations China. McDonald's also strictly requires suppliers to implement the relevant provisions on the withdrawal period, the use of chicken in the restaurant through the relevant testing, including qualified third party laboratory sampling.
Zhu Yi, an associate professor at China Agricultural University, also agreed that "the rational use of antibiotics is necessary.". She explained to the surging news that "antibiotic" is a special definition of the animal without antibiotics is a relative concept, the United States refers to disable antibiotics without human antibiotics, while the EU since 2006 a total ban on antibiotics as feed additives, no disease prevention disease, with those antibiotics to promote animal growth. McDonald's will cut the number and type of antibiotic used in the United States, but if the United States and the European Union are sick, they will eventually have to resort to antibiotics, only with prescribed antibiotics.
As for the Chinese difficult to synchronize with other countries, Zhu Yi believes that the first and Chinese antibiotics easy and low price, 3/4 of the world's penicillin industrial salt, 4/5 cephalosporins, 9/10 streptomycin antibiotics produced in Chinese, China is the largest producer of antibiotics clear; secondly, lack of understanding of the Chinese antibiotics the drug resistance in the Chinese use foundation is too popular, people also use badly, especially the livestock and poultry.shanghai gay spa
While the level of farming conditions is not China Qi is an objective factor, farmers themselves to antibiotics vigilance is not high, plus some of the culture environment and mode is not standard, a short period of time is not up to completely disable antibiotics, which leads to China to keep up with the pace of international, stop antibiotics in feed. The road is long.
The severe consequences of the use of human antibiotics in livestock have been emphasized for many years.
Statistics show that in the United States, more than 70% of the important medical antibiotics are sold for livestock use. Scientists have warned that the continued use of antibiotics to promote growth and prevention of farm animal diseases of edible animal, can lead to antibiotic resistant super bacteria infection increases every year at least 23000 Americans died, it will also pose a major threat to global club
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