"Sade" will be fully deployed next week

Overseas network on 26 August, August 25th local time, South Korean officials said Chong Wa Dae, South Korea for the completion of "Sade" anti missile system deployed all within the next week, is now a small environmental evaluation finally, specific deployment time or announced on Monday. Earlier, South Korean members said the United States asked South Korea in August 30th before the completion of the deployment, South Korean prime minister denied, however at this time Chong Wa Dae has announced that it will complete the deployment within the next week, just in the United States request within the time limit, causing the media to speculate.
According to "Korea Herald" reported that South Korean Defense Ministry announced in August 25th that the impact on South Korea's "Sade" base of the environment assessment is nearing completion, after will fulfill the Korea US agreement, the remaining 4 cars "Sade" launch vehicle and the temporary deployment of equipment needed to base, at least one day, will notify the local residents in advance before deployment.shanghai gay massage
A Chong Wa Dae official later pointed out that, although some legislators and local residents believe that the deployment of Sade may cause harm to human health, the government will not postpone the deployment. He said the timing is extraordinary, and next Wednesday, South Korean Defense Minister Song Yongwu will go to Washington to meet with US Defense Secretary Matisse (James Mattis).
South Korean Prime Minister Li Luoyuan
According to earlier reports, in August 25th, South Korea congressional intelligence committee chairman, Korea free Party congressman Li Zheyu said South Korean Prime Minister Li Luoyuan told him "the request of the United States this month 30 days before the completion of the remaining 4 thad launch vehicle deployment", and said "now the prime minister can be a headache".
News came out, immediately aroused public concern. Yonhap said that if Li Zheyu speaks correctly, it means that the United States for the first time for the deployment of "Sade" set a specific deadline, and "Sade" will also rise to the core dispute between Korea and the United states. Moreover, according to the previous statement of the South Korean government, the remaining 4 launch vehicles will be completed after the general EIA, and finally decided whether to deploy. So 30 days before the completion of the deployment of the "speech, really unexpected.
But Li Luoyuan denies it all, "no one said that."". However, Chong Wa Dae announced at this time that it will be completed within the next week, just in the United States requested the deadline, causing media associations.gay spa
Following the deployment of the "German German" radar and two launch vehicles in April 26th, the Korean army secretly sent another four vehicles to South Korea in the same month. This means that a set of "Sade" system contains a radar system, six missile launch vehicle command and control equipment has been in Korea, preparing for deployment, with the tense situation on the peninsula, the South Korean government decided early on the remaining four car "Sade" launch vehicle for temporary deployment.
For South Korea despite China's clear opposition, insisted on deploying Sade anti missile system in Korea, China expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition, and repeatedly said: "South Korea firmly opposed to deploy Sade anti missile system. On August 24th, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference that China's position on the issue of the deployment o"Sade" was very clear, firm and consistent, without any changes.shanghai male massage
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