Village: the new government to ignore the old account

The farmer in Yunnan wants to find his 10 thousand yuan 20 years ago. For this, he has spent 15 years, and he doesn't know how many more years he will spend.
In the past few years, from housing to commodity prices are rising, 10 thousand yuan has not been very valuable. But then, in Yunnan Prefecture of Wenshan province Xichou County Jiang Liu Cun, a distance less than 40 kilometers China and Vietnam border village, "million households," Tian Xingru is the envy of the people.shanghai gay massage
His possessions were pinned on a palm sized red plastic book. Inside a line and a line is a handwritten numeral that is accurate to the point. The digital record of the farmer's careful calculation: once he deposited a full 800 yuan, and once he paid 100 yuan.
As with the bank passbook, the red shows the deposit balance and interest. The difference is that the bank he saved is gone.
The red plastic corner blackened, cover printed with "poverty relief loan membership card" gold paint. This card represents the club membership system in rural areas after the implementation of time with vigour and vitality, to be an emergency stop.
But today, Tian Xingru individual farmers 71 years old still Chuaizhe year membership card, bear the cost of bad debts. That's the only evidence they have.shanghai male massage
A thick stack of money, "in his chest for several days, Wu joined the club"
Tian Xingru added Jiang Liu Cun savings will, this system is actually to end point.
He did not know at that time, the rise in the 1986 Jiangxi rural savings will, was regarded as "a new form of" poverty relief promotion. In 1986, Jiangxi suffered a severe drought, the savings would be in poverty relief plays a special role.
Club is one of the establishment of rural social security system in china. A document of the Ministry of civil affairs in 1991, and the savings will for the elderly, welfare factory called the backbone of the rural social security network "".
The researchers then, will the savings would be defined as "farmers will disperse money and grain together, to solve their own problems of mutual autonomous organization".shanghai gay spa
An official from the Xichou County Civil Affairs Bureau to Chinese youth - Youth Online reporter recalled, "at that time according to the above requirements, the village has to be established (club)". 69 village of Xichou County, the Civil Affairs Bureau to each administrative village are allocated 10 thousand yuan of funds for development, management and operation are relying on their village".
According to Jiang Liu Cun Branch Committee Party Secretary Tian Xingpei recalls, Jiang Liu Cun savings will be established in 1994. At that time, farmers applied for loans to go to the town bank, a variety of procedures, often delayed farming. The savings would be founded to alleviate the problem of farmers loan.shanghai gay club
When the six river village committee deputy leader Wang Long village group of villagers Li Jiaxiang, still remember the village scene publicity club. "The people from the government" and the village cadres gathered the peasants on the small square and mobilized the savings to join. "Not only is money convenient, but the interest rate is also higher than that of the bank."".
The villagers Wei Shengqiong that was the most exciting, not "poverty alleviation assistance" slogan, but is far higher than the bank's "2 points per annum, deposit 1000 yuan a year can get 200 yuan massage
In 1994, Wei Shengqiong, as a family planning cadre in the village committee, first responded to the call and deposited 3000 yuan. When will the savings office is located in her office next door, there are people who come every day.
But in October 21, 1998, the Ministry of civil affairs in accordance with the "State Council forwarded the people's Bank of China rectification disorderly fund-raising chaos approved the establishment of financial institutions and financial services office notice disorderly implementation plan" (issued [1998]126), issued "on the rectification of rural poverty relief funds will help" emergency notice "provisions, the savings would be allowed handle or disguised for deposit and loan business.
The emergency notice pointed out: "the rectification work since the second half of 1998, the main task is to immediately stop the savings would be handled or disguised for deposit and loan business; all the formalities before or in disguised form for the deposit and loan business savings will be revoked and savings will, should be made as soon as possible debt, asset management and the revocation and personnel placement the scheme, civil affairs departments at the provincial level shall report to the Ministry of civil affairs will deposit at the end of June 1999 before the rectification work, accept the relevant departments of inspection and acceptance."
But in the remote Xingru Tian Jiang Liu Cun, did not know bar
"Originally, I didn't want to keep money in it, when they came to Haruki for propaganda and mobilization, and the rich farmers could deposit money in it. The result was like being thrown into a hole, and now it has not been taken."." He said somewhat aggrieved.
Tian Xingru initially cautious savings will maintain a wait-and-see attitude. When he was young in the production team that is to earn workpoint most, with the town roads, to help people to do farm work from a angle of accumulation, to 1990s, has accumulated to 10 thousand yuan in the bank, which belongs to the large million was quite admired "".gay sauna
In April 27, 1998, the club will face a few months before the clean-up rectification, he finally became a member. "The government of the people" came to the village where he propaganda, let him eat reassurance. But let him determined, husband and wife has fifty age.
At that time the rural medical insurance and pension insurance is not perfect, he is afraid of children reluctant to leave some money for pension, the money for their own use, to remove deposits from the bank, deposit into the club.
There are also considered and village Wang you from suffering from hyperthyroidism, eldest son let him heavy-hearted. He had been walking for an hour to the town, took out 7000 yuan savings from the bank, a thick stack of money, "in his chest for several days, Wu" was finally determined.
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