Hurricane Elmar struck Miami Florida governor: run we can't save you.

   Overseas network on 8 September, destroyed a powerful hurricane Elmar (Hurricane Irma), the United States is moving closer, according to the latest weather forecast, with the eye of the hurricane the path of change, bear the brunt of the "worst affected point", is probably the Florida city of Miami. Florida and Georgia have issued mandatory evacuation orders for coastal areas, and the surge of hundreds of thousands of people has caused traffic jams on many roads.shanghai gay massage
The National Hurricane Center (National Hurricane Center) 7 released the latest hurricane, this weekend could bring disaster to Florida Elmar, suddenly changed the eye of a hurricane moving route, 9 days or 10 days may be highly lethal with wild storms, landing in southern florida.
Hurricane Elmar "foe" has caused 13 deaths
CNN (Tom Sater) meteorologists Chartres analysis, although Elmar did not change the eye of the hurricane path, "but let Miami become the worst affected areas". Miami beach mayor 7 asked people to evacuate as soon as possible, described as Elmar is "nuclear hurricane", the fear of causing homes for several months can not live.shanghai male massage
Elmar in the five hurricane army situation, 7 days to hit the Caribbean, the official death toll has a total of 13 people. Although Elmar is still on the 7 day from the United States 600 miles away, but let the Turks and Caicos Islands (Turks and Caicos Islands) battered, including Miami, Florida reef island group (Florida Keys) are part of Georgia islands and coastal areas, have issued a mandatory evacuation order.
Florida governor Scott (Rick Scott) 7, once again called on the people must cooperate with the evacuation, hurry to flee for life. He said at a press conference: "if you live in any area issued evacuation orders, but you still do not go out, immediately withdraw!" he stressed: "do not want to survive the storm, when the storm began to fall, we can't save you."
Scott also ordered all state government offices, schools, university institutes from 8 until 11 fully closed, in order to make room for the victims and emergency response center so. Scott, 7, once again called on the people to withdraw their homes as soon as possible. He said: "this is a disaster that has never seen disaster in Florida."."shanghai gay sauna
Millions of people from Florida, Georgia caused oil shortage
In the face of Hurricane Elmar struck Florida, and Georgia, millions of people in coastal areas with the evacuation, but the local gas station supply following, plus some of the main road traffic bottleneck, seriously affect the evacuation operations. Elmar is expected to 9 in the evening arrived in southern Florida, and caused by Hurricane Rita in 2005 (Hurricane Rita) since the Texas and Louisiana Lewis forced 3 million 700 thousand people to flee the United States the largest evacuation activities.
31 thousand of Florida's about 20000000 inhabitants have left the reef islands (Keys). Governor Scott warned other residents to evacuate, because nuclear grade Elmar is very powerful, may lead to up to 3 meters of storm surge, can up to the roofs of many houses, but once the storm, rescue personnel will be incapable of action.shanghai gay bar
Florida Southeast Miami Dai de County coastal zone has more than 650 thousand residents were ordered a mandatory evacuation; the neighboring state of Georgia also ordered the Shafannashi and other coastal areas of the about 300000 residents of mandatory evacuation, and showed the destruction of the southeastern United States may contribute to Elmar's more panic.
Residents filled their cars with water and other supplies, exchanged contacts with neighbors, and prepared to take refuge on the streets, although many decided to stay behind and protect their homes. The only way out of the Florida peninsula is to go north, but many gas stations along the way are out of stock, closed, and long queues at petrol stations, even fighting or fighting for petrol.
Residents of Miami, Fla., are snapping up petrol and filling up the tank with large and small backup drums.
The Dezhou oil center was hit by Hurricane Harvey, which has affected Florida's fuel supply, now evacuating people and rushing to refuel, causing oil shortages in some areas as many as 40% petrol stations have been sold out.
Liquefied natural gas also caused panic buying, filling a empty tank waiting for filling at a gas station in David, florida.
Governor Scott says he has asked the White House and federal authorities to exempt the regulations and increase supplies for florida. He also instructed the police to escort the tanker to replenish the gas station as soon as possible.shanghai gay club
According to the real-time traffic in Google satellite map, 7 day more than 500 thousand people to escape Elmar, caused by expressway traffic jam, a road extending from Miami to Savannah (Savannah) seems to become super large parking lot. To ensure that motorists can be added to gasoline to take refuge in safe areas, special trucks for transporting gasoline are also escorted by police.
Supermarkets in Miami have been sold out or caused the worst insurance loss in the history of the United States
In September 5th, the "Irma" category five or will be landing in Florida after the news, people began to make preparations to cope with the coming disaster, some related materials supermarkets have been sold out.
In the southern coastal town of Florida there has been a rush for people's necessities, and many of the shelves have been swept away. Governor Scott has now deployed national soldiers to all parts of Florida and will mobilize 7000 militiamen to stand by before Elmar strikes.
In addition, the famous Barclays research firm 5, said that the prediction of the weekend hit Elmar may hit the United States ever the largest insurance loss, and may even exceed the 2005 hurricane Katrina caused losses. In view of the size of Elmar and its potential to invade densely populated areas, the insurance losses in Florida may.shanghai gay spa 
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