A reception was held at the Embassy in North Korea

In September 26th, travel toward the overseas Chinese, Chinese funded institutions, media, student representatives, moving Martyrs Memorial facilities protection and management of the working group and the Embassy in the DPRK diplomats and more than 300 people have a joyous gathering to celebrate the 68th anniversary birthday of our great motherland. Official website of the Chinese Embassy in North Korea
People.com.cn Pyongyang in September 27, 27 days, China Embassy in the DPRK held a celebration of People's Republic of China established 68th anniversary "National Day reception, North Korea's vice minister Li Jicheng and other guests in the DPRK and the Korean embassies and international organizations attended the conference.shanghai gay massage
China ambassador Li Jinjun at the reception said, since the eighteen National Congress of the CPC, comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee to grasp the development trend of the times, adapt to the trend of historical development, unite and lead the people of all ethnic groups, unswervingly implement the new concept of development, promote the comprehensive deepening reform and promoting comprehensive strictly, promote diplomacy Chinese characteristics, made an extraordinary achievement, laid a solid foundation for building a well-off society, made a unique and important contribution to world peace and development. China people in the leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, do not forget the early heart, temper endeavour, in order to achieve the "two one hundred year" goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream and work hard Chinese. We will resolutely implement the foreign policy of general secretary Xi Jinping, uphold the concept of building a community of human destiny, and strive to become builders of world peace, contributors to global development and defenders of the international order.shanghai gay spa
Li Jinjun said: at present, the DPRK people, under the leadership of the Korean Labor Party headed by Comrade Kim Jeong-eun, have vigorously promoted the construction of a socialist and powerful country with Korean style, and have made new achievements in various fields. We wish North Korea a stronger and more prosperous and healthy Korean people. The traditional friendship between China and the DPRK is a precious treasure left by history and ancestors. It should be handed down from generation to generation and will continue to flourish. The Chinese party and government attach importance to China DPRK relations and are willing to make joint efforts with the DPRK to promote the friendly and cooperative relations between China and DPRK, remove all kinds of interference, and continue to develop forward, so as to make positive contributions to the maintenance of regional peace and stability.shanghai gay club
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