The fire broke out on the roof of the house.

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Ji Shengzhen) At 10 am this morning, a citizen called our 962555 news hotline, saying that a fire broke out in a residential house on 778 Tangshan Road in Hongkou District. As of 12 noon, the scene of the fire is still being disposed of. It is understood that the fire did not cause massage
The residents in the alleys introduced that the fire happened around 10 a.m. At that time, some residents found smoke in a family house in the lane. After a few minutes, the smog became stronger. "At this time, the dust on the top of the building kept falling down, and the fire sprinkler was also launched." The resident said. Because the houses here are old-fashioned brick and wood structures, so the fire spread faster, residents quickly dial the alarm phone. After receiving the report, more than ten fire engines rushed to the scene to carry out the rescue work.
Reporters on the scene saw that the roof of the house of the fire residents has been burned through, neighbors on one side by varying degrees of damage, firefighters kept spraying water on the roof of the house to prevent re-ignition. As of 12 noon today, the scene has been extinguished, firefighters are still on the scene disabled work, the fire did not cause casualties. The residents affected by the fire have been properly rehoused by the housing authority.male massage
In order to cooperate with the rescue, Tangshan road now adopts two-way traffic control measures from Baoding road to Anguo road. All motor vehicles are closed. It is reported that the alleys also had a fire in July 2013, when a eight year old woman died.
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