Why did the woman not jump to the train and scream

To deal with contradictions, we need to deal with them calmly. On the morning of October 26, residents in a small district of Zhoudong Road in Pudong New Area reported that a woman was smashing a parked vehicle. The woman was in a state of suspicion and drunkenness, and the owner did not report the incident after the incident.gay spa
A woman in white, dressed in untidy clothes, stood beside an Anhui licensed Land Rover and shouted, suspected of being drunk. Another woman hugged her tightly and persuaded her to comfort her. Soon, a man in the building and another woman came to persuade him.
The woman in white jumped on the road and the car crashed and shouted. Why didn't the owner call the police?gay bar
It was early in the morning, and it was still early in the morning. Some residents who went out to buy vegetables and exercised early in the morning saw the white-dressed woman squatting and hugging her knees and crying and shouting. Later, the white woman jumped on the top of the car, stepped on and jumped, and carelessly fell from the roof to the ground.gay club
Fortunately, the woman in white got up and continued to smash the car. She repeatedly broke the mirrors on both sides with brute force and kicked them with her feet. Finally, she smashed the mirrors. Then she smashed the windshield of the car again. While smashing the vehicle, he shouted abuse and cried.gay sauna
Reporters on the scene saw that the white Land Rover was smashed before and after the two license plates were broken, car windows were smashed, the mirror has fallen, seriously damaged. The reporter then found the owner of the home to understand the situation, opened the door is a woman renter dressed in untidy quilt, she immediately said that private events need not be involved. Then close the door. And district security briefing, after the incident, the parties did not call the alarm phone, the police also did not come.neil massage
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