Notice "rescue dogs are accountable", litigants: hope the video is clean.

A couple in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, have been put on criminal record for "rescuing" a police dog and are now on bail and awaiting trial, media reports said recently. The local police believe that the couple's "rescue behavior" is theft. Is the husband and wife really helping a stray dog or stealing a police dog?gay massage
On October 8, Ms. Ying of Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, questioned the Weibo-certified "lawyer Yang Wenzhan" account through a paid question-and-answer session on Sina Weibo, claiming that she had been convicted of "stealing state property" after finding a dog by the roadside and seeking legal help. Mr. Zhu, a lady's husband, recalled the situation at that time to reporters. "That night, after dinner, my wife and I went for a walk in the park. More than eight o'clock, there was a row of garbage cans in front of the police station in Toho Lake. My wife saw a dog eating garbage there. It was summer. She was worried that the dog would die of thirst. It was very late and I didn't see any tied rope. I was more than ten meters away from it. Wait, waved to him, he jumped over, touched it, the dog is dirty, thin and smelly.
In an interview with Voice of China, Ms. Ying said they picked up the dog from a wall away from the police station. There was no compulsory tugging of the dog during the whole process. After taking it home, no information about the original owner was found on the dog. In particular, there is no information about the collar of a dog's neck. "Strictly speaking, that place is no longer outside the walls of the police station. Because the next door to the police station is the quality and technical supervision bureau, the dog is located on the rubbish dump outside the wall of the quality supervision bureau. Ladies should live, and often help small animals before. Because of the experience of finding a dog and not being accepted, this time the dog was not taken seriously, no report. Just in those days, her husband received some carving work. Unexpectedly, a few days later, the police came to the door.male massage
In the view of Madam, the matter is not complicated, but she and her husband were questioned by the police 8 times before and after. According to the lady, whether she was stealing or picking up, she and her husband once stood at the police station with the police. "It is because of this, the police have been let us do a record, before and after two people together to do eight times, each four times, do very tired, very sad mood."
"Later we realized the seriousness of the matter and commissioned two lawyers. This case has been dragging, has seriously affected the lives of both of us, because after all, is the suspect. Moreover, some police local dialects say, "we are a couple stealing dog thieves".
Ms Ying said it was not difficult to verify the incident, because there was a surveillance probe at the scene, which could see that the dog was dumping garbage, and she herself had many experiences in rescuing the dog. However, police investigators always believe that their husband and wife are interested in the value of this dog and want to own sauna
Yesterday (October 27th) late at night, Jinhua Jindong Public Security Bureau issued a briefing on the matter. According to the report, on the evening of June 29 this year, the police of the Duohu police station of the Jindong Public Security Bureau found a police dog scattered near the entrance of the police station stolen. After filing investigation, on July 3, Jindong Public Security Branch took compulsory measures on bail pending trial against Zhu and Yingmu suspected of theft. After preliminary investigation, the dog is not a special dog base, is a multi-lake police station used for vigilance, patrol dogs, and wearing a collar. The suspect, Zhu Mou, should know that the dog is a rare breed of German shepherd dog. In view of this case exposed the police dog management problems, the sub-bureau supervision department has launched an investigation, and to deal with the situation. Next, the sub Bureau will continue to handle cases strictly according to law, and sincerely welcome the supervision of the media and spa
In response to the police report, the suspect on bail Ying said she hoped the police would release the surveillance video of the incident. "The police announcement was just the beginning, and the police dog was scattered at the gate of the police station. I very much hope that the police will be able to expose the full video of what they thought we were stealing dogs.
Judging from the information disclosed by the parties at present, should the couple's behavior be to steal police dogs or rescue stray dogs? Yang Wenzhan, a lawyer at Zhong Dun law firm in Beijing, thinks he is inclined to think that the couple is a relief. "This dog is not in the area under the control of the public security organs, scattered, without human care, in this state, is to pick up, not steal. On the other hand, there is a problem in the management of this police dog by the public security club
Apart from the fact that there are some disputes in the case entity, the legal profession is concerned about the handling procedures involved in the case. Qiao Ming, a senior lawyer, believes that there are several suspected procedural violations in the case from the information disclosed so far. For example, as a stakeholder, the criminal investigation of the case should be avoided by the multi Lake police station. "The multi-lake police station is the victim and the specific unit handling the case in the investigation procedure of this case, which is directly in conflict with the provisions of the jurisdiction of criminal proceedings filing, suspected of violating the legal procedures of illegal acts."neil massage
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