Relax visa to China next year: reduce economic capacity requirements

On October 27, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ended a three-day visit to China and returned home by special plane. Abe Shinzo's visit to China is the first time that the Japanese Prime Minister has made a special trip to China after 7 years. On October 26th, Premier Li Keqiang and Abe Shinzo held talks in the Great Hall of the people. Japanese media reported that during the talks, the Japanese side decided to relax the visa conditions for Chinese tourists.shanghai gay massage
According to Japan's Nikkei news report, during the talks on October 26, China and Japan reached an agreement on 30,000-scale youth exchanges and interviews between the two places in five years. Japan has decided to relax the preferential policy for undergraduates, postgraduates and graduates of universities directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education for individual sightseeing visas within three years of graduation, from 75 universities to 1243. When eligible students and graduates apply for a single travel visa to Japan in the future, the confirmation of economic ability can be replaced by a certificate of study or a diploma. In addition, the Japanese side also decided that Chinese tourists who had visited Japan twice in the past three years with individual tourist visas could simplify their procedures when applying for multiple return visas.
Japan's Nikkei News reported that the visa relaxation policy for Chinese tourists will begin on January 1, 2009.
In recent years, Japan has made many adjustments to the visa issuance conditions for Chinese tourists, from the simplification of application materials to the downgrading of applicants'economic capacity requirements to the introduction of visas more than three years and more than five years. According to Kyodo News Agency, the Japanese government will launch its first electronic visa for online applications and issuance as soon as April 2020, aiming to increase the number of foreign visitors to Japan to 40 million by 2020.shanghai male massage
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