The temperature in Shanghai will drop to 10-11 degrees.

The "tail" will soon enter October, China's cold air activity is frequent, the Northern Bureau of underground rainstorm, Shencheng compared to the weather is relatively calm. In the next week, Shencheng will be mainly sunny, but the cold air will continue to replenish in late autumn, and the temperature will continue to drop in the morning and evening. Especially in the suburbs, affected by radiation cooling, the minimum temperature in the early morning can be reduced to below 10 degrees Celsius. In the second half of next week, the trend of Typhoon "Jade Rabbit" will affect the coastal weather in massage
Yesterday, under the influence of high ground pressure, the weather in Shanghai was clear. Influenced by the cold air in the north, the temperature in this city was lower yesterday morning. It was the coldest morning since autumn. The lowest temperature in Xujiahui Station in the central city was 13.2 C. The lowest temperature in each district was mostly between 7 and 12 C. The lowest temperature in Qingpu Station was only 6.7 C. Yesterday, the daytime temperature gradually rose, the highest temperature in the city rose to 20 degrees Celsius, central city Xujiahui station 19.9 degrees Celsius. Today is sunny to cloudy, westerly wind 4-5, the Yangtze Estuary gust 6, the lowest temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, suburban 7-8 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature in about 22 degrees Celsius. In the next seven days, the city will be controlled by high atmospheric pressure, mainly sunny to cloudy weather, and the highest temperature will remain between 20 and 22 degrees centigrade. During this period, cold air will supplement the south to affect the city. It is expected that the lowest temperature in the central city can be reduced to 10-11 degrees centigrade, especially in the suburbs, affected by radiation cooling, and the lowest temperature in the early morning can be reduced to 10 degrees centigrade. Next.male massage
Typhoon No. 26 of this year, "Yutu" is a "row of noodles" typhoon, since 22 was born has been concerned. It has been predicted by various meteorological agencies that it may turn to sea and go northeast. However, after a period of time, its expected path quietly changed, not excluding the possibility of landing westward. And even if it doesn't land west, it has the possibility of entering the South China Sea.
The "Jade Rabbit" was formed in the Pacific Ocean at 0800 on Oct. 22 and gradually moved northwest. Its intensity increased rapidly. It became a super typhoon in the early morning of Oct. 24. On the evening of the 24th, the "Jade Rabbit" once reached 72 meters per second near the center of the wind (above 18), surpassing the previous northwest Pacific strongest typhoon 22 "mangosteen" (near the center of the maximum wind speed of 65 meters per second), and eventually surpassing the "mangosteen" to become the world's "wind king" this year.
The center of the "Jade Rabbit" was located on the Northwest Pacific Ocean about 1,380 km east of Manila, Philippines, at 14 o'clock yesterday. The maximum wind force near the center was above 17 (62 m/s). It is predicted that the "Jade Rabbit" has no effect on China's offshore waters before 29 days ago, and its specific path prediction is still variable.neil massage
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