Posing as a teacher to enter the classroom to receive a deposit

Recently, students of a middle school in Liunan District of Liuzhou City reported to reporters that on October 24, a young woman pretended to be a teacher in the afternoon of self-study. She went to a class in the first grade of the high school to carry out a "health education course" and received a "deposit" to "issue" a pair of corrective eyeglasses to the students. Several students were deceived. The so-called vision correction glasses, suspected of being made of three no products, not only can not get the effect of correcting vision, but will hurt the eyes.gay spa
A high school freshman, A Dong (not his real name), told reporters that at 5 pm on the 24th, a 25-year-old woman with a horse's tail and glasses suddenly walked into the classroom with a bag in her hand during the last self-study class. She said that the next time she would teach health education to everyone was. She mentioned the name of the teacher in charge of the class so that the students thought she was very familiar with the head teacher.gay massage
Subsequently, the woman introduced the so-called corrective eyeglasses to the students, and said that every day as long as wearing 10 minutes, you can achieve the effect of correcting vision. But the number of glasses is limited, and there are only 20 places in each class.
"She said hello to the monitor before class, but also can accurately say the name of the head teacher, students have no doubt about her." A Dong said that after introducing the function of the corrective glasses, the woman gave the glasses to everyone, saying that the glasses were free to use, but the deposit was 100 yuan. After you use them, you can give them to the sophomores. The sophomores will refund the deposit to their classmates. The glasses can be recycled in the school. See is "teacher" hair glasses, but also can return the deposit, the class many myopic students have to pay a deposit. A Dong said that more than ten students in the class asked for glasses and gave the woman a deposit of more than 1,000 yuan. By this time the class was over, the woman left the classroom hurriedly, and soon disappeared.gay club
After school, some students feel more strange, that night to the parents, parents told the teacher, the teacher knew this. Teachers said that the school did not arrange such activities, there is no such "teacher", should be foreign people into the school, looking for no teacher in the classroom to cheat students.male massage
A Dong said that a student who bought glasses consulted an ophthalmologist and learned that the product was suspected to have no product, not only did it not have the effect of correcting visual acuity, but also hurt the eyes if it was used improperly. He was very worried that if he did not expose the swindlers, more students would be fooled. At present, the students have already reflected the related situation to the school, invite the school to intervene in the investigation.neil massage
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