The wreckage of the Boeing airliner has been found

Oct. 29, according to Reuters and other media reports, search and rescue officials in Indonesia said that a Boeing airliner belonging to Lion Airlines Group (LION AIR) crashed. Bloomberg quoted a briefing from the Indonesian national transportation safety board, which said there were 189 people on massage
Indonesian crew said debris from the plane had been found off the coast of West Java, two to three miles from where it was lost. They also found some personal belongings including mobile phones, life jackets and so on. At present, the Indonesian national search and rescue team is launching rescue at the scene.
It is reported that the Indonesian Lion Airlines is a cheap airline, the plane crashed at 6:33 am from Jakarta to Penang, Bangka, Penang, shortly after takeoff crashed.male massage
Lion Airlines was founded in 1999 as a low-cost airline operator, accounting for about 45% of the Indonesian airline market, the Beijing News reported. Since 2002, there have been six accidents involving four Boeing 737 passenger planes and one fatality.
In 2007, the European Union issued a ban on flights to several Indonesian airlines, including Lion Airlines, until it was lifted in 2009 because it failed to meet safety standards.
In April 13, 2013, a Boeing 737 of lion air crashed into the sea and broke into two pieces when it landed in Bali Island. 45 of the 108 people on board were injured.neil massage
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