Finally, clean and clean life will be the curtain call.

Farewell, Li Yong. May your optimistic and confident smile, like a starlight, illuminate our way forward.
On October 29, Harbin Weibo wrote "Lose my love forever." Li Yong, 50, a former CCTV trump card host, died 17 months after fighting cancer. I can't see you next time. I love my family. There are countless audiences who like him.
It can be said that public opinion is the best test. This news became the focus of yesterday, harsh netizens, with tens of thousands of messages, expressed the regret, regret and miss of "Yong Ge".gay massage
In 1998, he joined CCTV and left in 2013. Li Yong worked in CCTV for 15 years. This is 15 years of competition and transmutation between traditional media and new media, and 15 years of China's economy taking off from the low point of the financial turmoil. As the trump card program "Very 6+1" and the iron-handed host of the Spring Festival Gala, his humor, self-confidence, vitality, personality, is the spirit of the times, but also contains a generation of audience memories. In this era of scandal-ridden entertainment, and on days when many big-name stars find it difficult to maintain the "Evening Festival," Li Yong finally uses his "clean" and "innocent" to call a curtain call for his ever-energetic hosting career.male massage
The remembrance of Li Yong seems to have come from our good testimony to the past.
Witness his ambition. Born in Xinjiang, he is not tall and looks amazing, but with his acquired efforts and hard work, he stood firm and stood out from the crowd on CCTV, with his trademark curls and long faces, with his ever-cheerful humor and smile. Countless harsh audiences still remember him shouting "Goodbye to us next time" with his trademark gesture.
Witness his romantic love. He fell in love with Harvard's classmates, and his colleagues were united in a low-key effort to protect the family from public opinion. While Li Yong was in the United States for treatment, Harvard disbanded the company and accompanied him. Now many people look back at havin's micro-blog, and finally realize that they have been waiting for this moment calmly. Most of the time, we are all searching for true love. Finally, looking back, romance is only in the spa
Of course, his death has also shown us more things, including never disappointed with life and access to life. In the United States medical time, facing countless domestic criticism and misunderstanding, he still maintained a calm and light breeze, maintained a smile and happiness in front of friends, maintained the concern and support for Chinese football. In the face of possible death, he still said, coming, I hope I have microphones around me, thank all the audience. He used his death to prove himself as a host sauna
But 50, after all, is too young. Many celebrities die prematurely from illness, suggesting the tremendous pressure they face outside the magnesia lamp. What Li Yong did was to leave the pressure to himself and leave the joy to the audience. This is the heavy burden that every one of us needs to face in this fast paced club
We also need to reflect: when the Li Yong couple traveled to the United States, under the "curtain of ignorance" under the umbrella of numerous netizens had a number of angry, extreme words; now, they regret, but at the same time, the fault was pushed to the false news website. Without our reflection and vigilance, our ignorance and intolerance will continue. In this era, it does not take courage to believe in ugliness and believe in love and justice.
Farewell, Li Yong. Believe that you will remain refreshed in heaven, and that our lives, including those you love, will continue. May your optimistic and confident smile, like a starlight, illuminate our way forward.neil massage
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