The "red capitalists" who had been repeatedly refused to join the party went awa

Perhaps readers have a vague impression of the name, but in the memory of the older generation, the name of Wang Guangying and Zhou Enlai's "red capitalist" closely linked to the development of New China history can not be erased a name.
Wang Guangying was born in a courtyard on the Old Penalty Street in the western city of Beijing. There were eleven brothers and sisters of the "Ying" generation. Two of them are well known throughout the country, one is Wang Guangying, the other is his sister, Liu Shaoqi's wife Wang massage
Wang Guangying was born in 1919, when his father was in London, England, to attend the Paris Peace Conference as a member of the Chinese delegation. When he learned that his wife had given birth to a boy, it was the sound of Big Ben bell in London that Wang Guangying's father looked up and saw the Tower of the British Parliament Building, touching the scene and naming his son Wang Guangying.
The Paris Peace Conference later triggered the May 4th Movement, which opened a new page in Chinese history, and Wang Guangying's life has been closely related to the historical process of China since then.male massage
In 1942, he graduated from the Chemistry Department of Fu Jen University and stayed as an assistant. A year later, someone wanted to start a chemical plant and asked Wang Guangying to take a technical stake as a shareholder. In this way, he became a technological capitalist.
During the last two years of the War of Resistance Against Japan, Wang Guangying took the risk of crossing the enemy's blockade and transporting batches of military supplies and medical supplies to the Liberated Areas around Pingjin, including those produced by his own chemical plant that could be used to make spa
It is worth mentioning that more than 30 years later, Wang Guangying once again asked Hu Yaobang, then general secretary of the Party Central Committee, to join the Party. Hu Yaobang's answer was the same as Liu Shaoqi's. Hu Yaobang said he wanted him to be a patriotic capitalist and play a role that a Communist Party member could not play.
Although he did not become a member of the Communist Party, it is for this reason that he became an irreplaceable "red capitalist".
In 1956, China's socialist reform of private industry and Commerce ushered in a climax. On October 29 of that year, Mao Zedong invited all the executive members of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, who were then meeting, to discuss with Huairentang Hall in Zhongnanhai. Wang Guangying, then secretary-general of the Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce, took an active part in the reform. He changed from a capitalist to a public official. The "half family" of the private partnership.
In 1957, the then Soviet Supreme Soviet President Volochilov visited China. Accompanied by Premier Zhou Enlai, he traveled from northeast to Tianjin for a visit to Shanghai. When the plane stopped at Tianjin Airport, near noon, Premier Zhou Enlai invited Vorosilov and his party to dinner in the VIP lounge of the airport, accompanied by several representatives of the industrial and commercial circles in Tianjin, Wang Guangying was one of club
During the dinner, Wang Guangying offered a toast to Volochilov at Zhou Enlai's beckoning. The other party cheerfully drank a glass and said to him, "This is not an ordinary thing. After a long bloody revolution, China has now found an experience of transforming capitalists peacefully without bloodshed. This is of world significance."
After that, Voroshilov hugged Wang Guangying. "You embrace a red capitalist. In China, there is no red bourgeoisie, but there are red capitalists," Zhou Enlai sauna
Since then, Wang Guangying has the title of "red capitalists".
Later, under the influence of Liu Shaoqi, Wang Guangying was detained in Qincheng prison for more than eight years during the Cultural Revolution. The hardest thing to bear in prison is loneliness. Later, Wang Guangying once said with a smile, "The only living thing that accompanies me in prison is a spider in the corner of the wall. Probably not many entomologists in the world have observed the birth process of a female spider, but I know that the birth process is 14 days."
In 1979, he served as vice mayor of Tianjin, in charge of Finance and trade. He restored Tianjin's old brands and big stores, restored Tianjin's unique snacks and cakes, and retained the characteristics of business. He created a commercial street model, in addition to commodity retail stores, but also the development of banks, postal and telecommunications, transportation, restaurants, hotels, repair and other services supporting the industry.
The development of a commercial street has also led to the construction of public security, health, greening and other aspects of Tianjin, Tianjin's commerce and trade has been booming. At this time, the central government ordered him to leave Tianjin and go south to the 39th floor of the Far East Financial Building in Hong Kong. He entered a new stage of his life: the founding of China Everbright University (Group) in Hong Kong.
When Everbright opened its business in Hong Kong, newspapers and periodicals at home and abroad used the words "Red Capitalist" and "Red Uncle" before Wang Guangying's bar
Later, the Everbright Group is getting better and better. Wang Guangying's popularity in the world is also getting higher and higher. Many international friends became his guests, such as former US President Nixon, former Vice President Mundell, former Secretary of State Kissinger and so on. Takeshita To was the first foreign guest to meet Wang Guangying after he became Prime Minister of Japan. "There's a Wang Guangying from China who asked us Japanese whether we could serve him in any way," Takeshima said to the then Japanese ambassador to China, Nakashima. Later, MITSUBISHI trust and bank invested in China and invested the first in China Everbright company.
It is worth mentioning that in the early 1980s, Deng Xiaoping returned from Japan to talk to Wang Guangying and asked him to build a tall building in Beijing. Deng Xiaoping's words were brief, but Wang Guangying immediately understood what he meant and quickly created the famous Beijing-Guangzhou Center.
This comprehensive building has 52 floors on the ground and 3 stories on the ground, including five star hotels, senior office buildings and Luxury Apartments.neil massage
Addressú║ 181 Lane 1 Building,Changshou Road,near Shaanxi Northshanghai,china
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