The old man fell down and died, and the boy tried to save himself

"You take it away first, I'll take it." This is a post-90s boy who blurted out in the face of 120 emergency personnel who could not find the old people who fainted. He told the first aid staff that he would accompany him to the hospital and that he was responsible for the medical expenses. Police law enforcement recorder took pictures of the scene at that time. For several days, in the circle of Weibo and Weixin friends, this video was forwarded and praised by netizens. On the 29th, Yangtze Evening News reporter Ziniu found the relevant parties and verified that the incident occurred on the evening of the 25th. At that time, a 79-year-old man fainted at the gate of a small district in Xuzhou. While the crowd was watching, but dared not rush to rescue him, the young man volunteered to assist the emergency personnel to send the elderly to hospital and pay medical fees. Yao Cisheng is the Deputy Secretary of Yaozhuang Community in Quanshan District. Although the old man was sent to ICU that night, he is recovering very well because of timely massage
On the afternoon of 29, in the Yao Zhuang community in Quanshan District, Yao Cisheng recalled the day's incident. Around 8 pm on the 25th, he was walking in the residential area of Feicuicheng. Suddenly, he saw a video sent by a group of fitness enthusiasts in Weixin on his mobile phone. He opened and saw an old man fainting at the entrance of the cell. "I'll go and see everything like that," Yao said. The scene was about 700 meters away from him. He trotted all the sex massage
About 20 minutes later, 110 and 120 arrive. After checking the first aid personnel, they said they should be sent to the hospital immediately. The staff then asked who was the family member of the elderly. After searching for the mobile phone and contact information of the elderly on the spot, the staff were confronted with difficulties. They said that they could only send the elderly to a civil hospital far away for treatment according to the procedure. Yao Cisheng was in a hurry. He told Ziniu News that a hospital with better medical conditions was not far away, and the old man's condition could not be delayed. So he said the phrase "You take it first, I'll take it." He told the first aid workers that he accompanied him to the hospital, and that he was responsible for the medical expenses.male massage
Subsequently, Yao Cisheng took the security squad leader and cooperated with the medical staff to carry the old man onto the car. Within minutes, Yao Cisheng was sent to the East City Branch of Xuzhou Central Hospital.
On the ambulance, Yao Cisheng took the first video. He felt that the old man fainted near the neighborhood, and his family must also live nearby. He sent the videos to the Wechat Friends Circle and the Street Office Working Group, hoping to find family members through colleagues and bar
After arriving at the hospital, Yao Cisheng hung the number to the old man first. He and Ziniu reporters recalled that when registering patients, he used "anonymous" and the staff were surprised. After a brief explanation, the other side nodded in approval and went through the relevant procedures quickly.
Very soon, the results of the CT examination of the elderly came out, and massive cerebral haemorrhage was needed immediately for ICU rescue. Yao Cisheng was in trouble when he went through the formalities again. Originally, he used mobile phone to pay for registration and inspection fees, but he could only use cash and bank card to check in ICU. "My security monitor and I only have mobile phones," Yao said. He was in a hurry at that time. He and the security monitor were looking for someone to "cash" at the toll office everywhere (using the mobile payment function to exchange money with others). After a busy and fruitless moment, he found the doctor and said again, "I will be responsible for the medical expenses of the elderly, can I live in first to rescue them?" The doctor agreed immediately, and the old man pushed into the ICU room club
After the old man pushed into the ICU, Yao Cisheng took the second video and sent it to the circle of friends again. "I think if ten thousand families saw the video, they could also eat the reassurance pill." Yao Cisheng waited for the result of the doctor's treatment in the hospital while brushing a circle of friends to see if there was any news about the elderly and their families. During the period, the police station contacted him and provided several cases of missing elderly police. The circle of friends also gathered a lot of information, but they could not confirm the identity and family status of the elderly. At 1:30 in the morning, he persuaded him to leave the hospital.
At 7 a.m. on the 26th, Yao Cisheng went out with his bank card. When he came out of the gate of the community, he received a telephone call from the head of the property company, "The old people found it". Yao Cisheng learned that his family was rushing to the hospital and that the elderly had been rescued by ICU and were out of danger.
"After I confirmed the news again and again, I was relieved," said Yao Cisheng, who felt he had nothing to do with himself and returned to the neighborhood committee in the community to sauna
At noon on the 28th, Yao Cisheng received a call. The old man's second daughter and husband came to the community to express their gratitude to him. At this time, Yao Cisheng learned that the old man is 79 years old and his hometown is in Suining. Before the incident, the old man lived in the two daughters' home of Xuzhou. The old man has been in good health. When he lived at his daughter's house, he felt restless and found a homemaking job. On the same day, when the old man came out of his employer's house, he fell down suddenly. "My mother would have been in danger if you hadn't given her a helping hand." The second daughter of the old man expressed her gratitude to Yao Cisheng and sent a golden spa
On the evening of the 29th, a reporter from Ziniu found Chen Pinghua, an elderly man, in the Department of Neurology, Xincheng Branch of Xuzhou Central Hospital. It was unexpected that the old man who had just experienced a serious illness was lying on his bed and eating his chicken legs.
Xing Huifang, her eldest daughter, told Ziniu News that her mother was 79 years old and no one else could imagine that she had just experienced a moment of life and death. Xing Huifang said that her mother was extroverted and physically strong, and most of her family members had a headache.neil massage
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