US bomb, child Trump, throw pot Saudis: you will not use it

President Trump has been debated recently over the issue of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. In an interview, US President Trump said the Saudi-led coalition used US-made weapons to kill civilians in Yemen because the attackers "would not use weapons correctly".
Asked whether he was troubled by the Saudi coalition's use of US bombs to kill Yemeni civilians, Trump responded that the attack was a "terror show" and said it "did not cause him enough trouble," the Guardian reported. "." He also attributed the most fundamental cause of the attack to user massage
"Basically because people who don't know how to use weapons are terrible," Trump said of the school bus attack in Yemen in August. "I'll have a good talk with the Saudi people, but I'm sure I won't let people who don't know how to use weapons shoot at buses carrying children."
In addition, since the killing of Saudi journalist Kashuji came to light, there has been growing calls from the international community for the United States to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia.male massage
In the weeks following Kashuji's disappearance, Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the Saudi interpretation of the case. "I'm not satisfied with what I heard, but I don't want to lose all the investment [in Saudi Arabia], I don't want to lose a million jobs and $11 million," Trump told reporters. "I don't like to stop a lot of money." Gold flows into our country.
According to overseas websites, Saudi coalition forces attacked a school bus in northern Yemen on August 9, local time, killing at least 51 people, including 40 children, most aged between 6 and 11.
The ammunition used by the Allied forces in Saudi Arabia came from the US arms sales approved by the State Council. The weapon that caused the attack was a 500-pound (227-kilogram) laser-guided MK82 bomb, produced by Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor in the United States. In September, under constant pressure from the international community, the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen admitted that the attack on school buses was unjustified.
With the investigation of the air raid on school buses, many observers and groups are paying more and more attention to the topic of "whether the United States should bear moral responsibility". Although the United States insists on its "innocence" and stresses that the coalition is fighting against the Hussein rebels, US media have stressed that the United States has indeed provided military technical and intelligence support to Saudi Arabia through billions of dollars in arms sales.neil massage
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