Finding a daughter's platform for canvassing is wrong

Overseas Network, Nov. 6, with only one day left for the mid-term elections in the United States, Trump moved out of his "home front" to canvass votes. On the evening of the 5th local time, Trump attended a political rally in Ohio. Ivanka also appeared as his father to canvass for votes. The two men also won each other's favor on massage
"This is my daughter." "This is my father."
According to the Daily Express and Newsweek, Ivanka, a senior White House adviser, appeared as his father to canvass for votes that night. Trump, standing beside him, smiled and gestured to the people under the stage.
Just before Ivanka came to power, Trump praised her profusely. "I don't know if they would say it's a nepotism, but the fact is that she's very, very... When you talk about women, you can't use the word "beautiful" no, no, it's politically incorrect.
Trump went on to say, "I'll never say that women are beautiful again. Every man here, raise your hands. You'll never say that his wife or girlfriend are beautiful, right?"male massage
The voice just dropped, and a boos fell on the stage.
"I won't say that because it's my daughter Ivanka, she's very smart," Trump added. "She's here. Can I bring her up?"
At the same time, Ivanka, who has just come to power, boasts of his father: "The President, my father, promised that he would fight for a voice for you. He promised to fight for forgotten American men and women. He is working hard and has achieved results."gay spa
The mid-term elections in the United States will begin on November 6, local time. As time goes on, Trump began a busy canvassing trip in support of the Republican Party. Trump attended three campaign rallies in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri on May 5, local time.neil massage
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