Huge social security fraud: how much truth has not yet been revealed?

The "cheap state" can't be a coveted meat of Tang monks. For this social security fraud case, the relevant departments of Jilin City should give the public a truth.
Recently, a huge social security fraud in Jilin surfaced. The suspects who commit fraud claim that they can help those who have not worked for one day to retire, so that they can get retirement pension after their age, just like regular workers in enterprises. The number of victims of this huge social security fraud is six hundred or seven hundred, and the amount involved is 50 million yuan.
The social security fraud case in Jilin City has exposed the confusion of the local social security policy and the loopholes in the audit process.
It is reported that in 2010, in order to solve the problems left over by history, Jilin Province issued relevant policies for workers in large collective enterprises run by factories and workers of "May 7th" family members, which included them in the scope of basic old-age insurance. The government and enterprises provided certain subsidies. In order to solve the problem of employee's identity certification, the relevant departments once relaxed the audit. Wage slips, access cards and other documents can be used as employee's identity certificates, even if there is a photo at the factory massage
It is precisely because of this huge policy loophole that some "intermediaries" seize the victim's "want to take advantage of the country" mentality, help a large number of people who do not meet the requirements, and use forged files to help them obtain retirement qualifications. These "intermediaries" will naturally be held accountable for their actions, but the local social security policies that change day and night and the too loose auditing process are also to spa
In order to solve the problem of insufficient social security funds, Jilin City has introduced various preferential policies to attract people to participate in insurance. Including the permanent residents of the city, one-time payment of tens of thousands of yuan, you can enjoy a monthly pension of several hundred yuan; and encourage "college students to participate in insurance" and so on.male massage
Frequent policy changes have caused great misleading to the local people, who believe that social security can be obtained through reimbursement. And fraud suspects also take these policy preferences as a gimmick. Although the relevant departments recognized that these preferential policies may be used, and later called a halt, the situation has been irreversible, and a large number of people were deceived.
It can be said that the loopholes in the audit process of relevant departments are also an important reason for the repeated success of fraud suspects. In this social security fraud case, an enterprise with only 30 employees can "affiliate" at least 150 "retired" personnel, fill in forms with many loopholes, and even the absurdity of "going to work at the age of 12" can pass the audit. Some enterprises and grass-roots departments have even become accomplices of fraudsters, and have made official seals for counterfeiting sauna
In fact, the social security fraud in Jilin City is not the first time. Public reports show that in 2012 and 2016 alone, there were two major fraud cases in Jilin City, with hundreds of victims. In a prefecture level city, social security fraud is so frequent that I am afraid it is not normal.
The "cheap state" can not become the salivated flesh of Tang monks. The economic losses of the victims need to be said. Enterprises, grass-roots departments and civil servants involved in fraud should also be severely prosecuted. For this social security fraud case, the relevant departments of Jilin should give the public a truth.neil massage
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