Shanghai Media: beat Jinyuan football to win the championship

Last night, the Shanghai stadium became a sea of joy. Shanghai Shanggang Team won the first Chinese Super League championship in the history of Shanghai Football in the 2018 season ahead of schedule. It is also the first Chinese Super League championship in the history of Shanghai Football. After 23 years, Shanghai Football Team regained its dominance in the top league of massage
In fact, the winning of the 2018 Chinese Super League championship by the Shanghai team is the product of Shanghai's adherence to football reform, which is inseparable from the background of China's football reform. In football reform, Shanghai football will regain its hegemony only if we firmly adhere to the development goals, persist in reform and innovation, and firmly believe in market club
The development process of Shanghai Shanggang (formerly Shanghai East Asia) itself is a microcosm of the Shanghai Professional Football Club's courageous initiative and pursuit of reform. In 2000, Xu Genbao weaved his football dream in Chongming Island, not only investing 8 million yuan in savings, but also lending 23 million yuan to build a football base. This model of running youth training at all costs opened up a pioneer in Chinese football. In 18 years, Wulei, Yan Junling, Zhang Linzhen and other 12 international footballers have been trained, as well as more than 60 registered Chinese Super League players.male massage
In 2007, the Shanghai Sports Bureau signed a letter of intent to cooperate with Genbao Football School. The excellent players from Genbao Base played in the men's football match of the National Games on behalf of Shanghai. "Government-funded purchase of high-quality social services" is the first in the national football field, which stimulates the professional ability and great vitality of market players. At the end of 2014, after sponsoring the team for two consecutive years, the Shanghai Group further completed its 100% equity acquisition. After four years of hard work, it finally fulfilled its promise of "bringing a championship trophy to the city of Shanghai".
Shanghai has always been a major football city in the country. The top-level design and implementation path of major professional football reform has been launched early. At the beginning of 2014, Greenbelt Group, a mixed ownership enterprise, acquired Shenhua; at the end of 2014, Shanghai Group, a state-owned enterprise, acquired 100% of Shanghai East Asian Football Club. This kind of international Derby culture has begun to usher in the spa
At the same time, the football atmosphere in Shanghai has been increasing. During the super competition day, WeChat's friends circle and micro-blog's discussion on Shenhua and Hong Kong continued. More and more people begin to wear the battle gowns of Hong Kong and Shenhua to watch the match. More and more citizens regard football as one of the most charming cultural landscapes in Shanghai. Their emotions fluctuate with the fate of Shanghai football children and sauna
In recent years, Evergrande Club has attracted a number of local players from Zheng Zhi, Yaolin, Huang Bowen, Feng Xiaoting, Sun Xiang and Zhang Linjuan through high input and high output, and has also hoarded more potential bench players. On the basis of hoarding local stars relying on financial advantages, Hengda Model introduced super foreign aid with heavy money, and scientific management of the club, Hengda won 7 Chinese Super Champions and 2 Asian Champions. However, as the national level attaches importance to the development of football, clubs have also increased their efforts to retain local talent, Hengda's own youth training fault began to show. Over the past eight years, Evergrande management has actually recognized the problem and started to build the youth training system, but the construction is a long process, it is difficult to achieve immediate bar
In contrast, although the mode of going to Hong Kong is also a big investment and capital, it is mostly used in the position of super foreign aid, but only in the local position to fill in the gaps. Xu Genbao's core team has always been the first stage of Chongming Island's 10-year sword sharpening trainees. Shanghai Football Team's foothold is to train talents for Shanghai Football and Chinese Football: 16-year-old Wu Lei has a chance to accumulate experience in the Second Division if he is still wet behind the ears; 18-year-old Wu Lei and his teammates compete in both the National Games and the League A in 2009; and the Chinese Super League career started in 2013 has made these local talents further achievements. Long.
The winning of the Shanghai team was due to the overwhelming momentum of the opponents on the court and the fighting power of the soldiers twisted into a rope. This momentum makes people appreciate the fascination of professional matches. So where does the momentum come from?gay sex massage
Shanghai Shanggang Football Club currently has 21 members, including three players, Wang Bichao, Cai Huikang and Yan Junling, who can play a leading role in the team. They are all members of the Chinese National Team. This year, Lv Wenjun, who is also in the first phase of Chongming Island, passed a comprehensive inspection of the club's Party organization and became a reserve party member.
After the Hong Kong Group took over the team, the club and the team attached great importance to the construction of the Party branch. Chen Xuyuan, chairman of Shanghai Port Group, said: "This year, the team is fighting on the third front. In all competitions, we should be champions in spirit and conduct. This champion is more important than winning the championship. The club should strengthen management and strictly demand that players should adapt to this requirement. Today, the spirit of the Hong Kong team is amazing. The Shanghai team not only fulfilled the goals set before the season, but also made many fans sigh that "professional football is also strictly managed to win the championship" just as the enterprises want benefits from management.neil massage
According to the development plan, by 2020, Shanghai will form the basic framework of the first-class international sports capital; by 2025, it will be basically built into a world-renowned sports city. Obviously, Shanghai's winning the 2018 season Super League championship is only the beginning, the future needs a world perspective, against London's Chelsea and Arsenal, Manchester's soccer duo, and so on. Seeing the objective gap, as long as we persist in reform, we believe that Shanghai professional football will have its own place in Asia in the future.
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