Checking cadres' illegal participation in running Moutai liquor

On November 9, some netizens reported on the microblog that the Discipline Commission of Guizhou Province issued a notification to check the situation of the cadres in the province operating Maotai liquor.
Upstream journalists (Shanghai younews) found that the document issued by Guizhou Disciplinary Commission was called "Notice on Self-Investigation and Clearance of Cadres'Illegal Participation in Maotai Liquor Management" (Qian Jifa [2018], No. 6). They asked Party members and cadres in the province to faithfully report "Cadres' Participation in Maotai Liquor Management" Report Form, signed "Party members and cadres, state officials do not participate in Maotai liquor business commitment letter", requires cadres, spouses, children and their close relatives shall not carry out Maotai liquor business activities in any massage
The Party and government organs and institutions in Guizhou Province all carry out communication learning in accordance with the requirements of the Notice, requiring cadres to declare or zero report their participation in Maotai liquor business.
Guizhou Hope Net shows that the promise of "Party members, cadres and state officials not participating in Maotai liquor management" in Lubi Economic Development Zone of Guizhou is as follows: "First, I do not participate in Maotai liquor management from my own initiative; second, I strictly manage close relatives, my spouse, children and their spouses shall not open in the name of myself or others. The third is that I do not greet relatives, friends or other special relatives to obtain the qualifications of Maotai liquor club
According to the manuscripts of Guizhou Coal Supervision Bureau published on the website of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group of the Central Discipline Commission in the Ministry of Emergency Management, the above three acts must be truthfully reported to the Party organizations in which they belong.male massage
The Civil Affairs Bureau of Tianzhu County in southeastern Guizhou, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Wanshan District in Tongren City and the coal Supervision Bureau of Guizhou Province all made statements about the self-inspection work, such as "100% coverage" and "ensuring that no one is missing". The Party School of Guiyang Municipal Committee, Guiyang College, Guizhou Coal Supervision Bureau and other retired cadres of the unit also appeared. Notice was given.
Relevant units in the materials on the self-examination said that no cadres in the unit participated in the operation of Maotai, "no party members and leading cadres were found to use their positions to influence relatives and friends to obtain Maotai liquor special distribution qualifications, no party members and cadres involved in illegal collection and delivery of Maotai liquor and other clues to the problem." Many units, such as Datun Middle School, Qixingguan District of Bijie City, Southwest Guizhou National Vocational School and Lubi Economic Development Zone of Guizhou Province, have made zero spa
On November 9, the person in charge of discipline inspection in a university in Guizhou Province told upstream journalists that they had been notified by their superiors in early August to check the illegal participation of all staff and staff in the management of Maotai liquor. During the summer vacation, the school held a special meeting and counted it by interview and telephone. The situation was reported at the end of the month.
At present, the official investigation has not yet been publicly disclosed.
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