A relationship with a woman who has lost her feet.

"Your knees are full of children and your days seem to be happy, but are you not ashamed? The man who was killed by you was also a young mother with 3 children. "
In more than two hours, under the continuous questioning of the police, 55-year-old Lao Zhao finally ceased to be silent. Suddenly, he lost his voice and cried bitterly, and he cried for nearly half an hour.
After emotional stabilization, intermittently, he recalled a murder committed 17 years ago when he came to Hangzhou to work for a woman who had lost her foot -- -- --
Seventeen years ago, Bazhangjing Road was still a messy farmhouse in a village in the city, where barbecues were sold at night, workers were working in surrounding construction sites, workers were working in nearby markets, and even some women who had lost their jobs lived.
At 5:00 a.m. on June 19, 2001, Gongshu police received an alarm that a murder occurred in a rental room in Bazhangjing. A 34-year-old woman, Wang Mou, fell on the bed of the rental room, was injured by blunt weapons and was sent to the hospital to die after the rescue was ineffective.gay massage
The rental housing was small, about 10 square meters, with only one bed and one table. "In this room, there are unknown men coming in and out every day." The neighbour shook his head.
The case is Chen (a pseudonym). Chen told the police that when he returned to the rental house in the morning, he found Wang lying in bed, covered with blood, and called the police. Chen Mou said that Wang Mou is his girlfriend and Hubei native, but he has not divorced his husband yet. He has three children in his hometown. "We agreed to return home at the end of the year. She divorced her husband and married me." Chen said.male massage
According to the preliminary investigation, the police found that Wang is engaged in pornography, the location is the rental house, the case is likely to be a murder caused by disputes over lyrics. But at that time, the investigation conditions were limited, and there were no monitoring equipment. There were many construction sites around the scene of the case, the personnel situation was complex, and the flow was frequent. For a time, the investigation work fell into a deadlock. The only clue is that some suspicious biological traces were extracted from the scene, but because of the limited conditions at that time, it was impossible to identify the suspects.gay bar
The police found that the biological traces recorded by several men in the past were amazingly consistent with the fingerprints of the scene of the murder in Bazhangjing on June 19, 2001.
But in the police database, the same fingerprint corresponds to different identities: sometimes called Wang Mou, sometimes called Zhao Mou. After careful analysis, the police confirmed that these fingerprint information were left by the local police in normal patrols and public security checks. The parties who left the fingerprint used different pseudonyms and false identity cards! uuuuuuuuuu
After further deliberation, the police confirmed that the person who left the same fingerprint was the same person, and that the identity information of Zhao Mou reported twice should be true, while the corresponding address was "Xincai County, Henan Province".
The police boldly speculated that the suspect should live in Xincai County, Henan Province. On October 9, 2018, the police of Gongshu Branch of the Criminal Investigation Brigade rushed to Zhumadian, Xincai County, Henan Province for investigation, and successfully confirmed the identity information of the suspect: Zhao Mou, 55 years old, male, Xincai County, Henan Province.
Zhao Mou has been engaged in cement, bricklaying, hydropower, ploughing and other work in recent years. He has two sons, both of whom are married and have children.gay spa
At the busy season of ploughing after the autumn harvest, Zhao recently used his tractor to help his relatives and friends to plough their fields.
In October 11th, with the help of local police, the police stationed near Zhao's home.
At about 1:00 noon, Zhao Mou ploughed the ground and drove his tractor back to his door, ready to park and eat in the house.
The police rushed into the area to control it and bring it back to the local police station.
At the police station, when the case handlers warned Lao Zhao that they were from Hangzhou, Lao Zhao was silent and his face became obviously tense.gay sauna
"Listen to the village people say, you are really honest and kind, relatives and neighbours told you to plow the land, do not give money, you laugh, do not want. Did you make a fool of yourself when you were too aggressive?
"I was more than 30 years old, right? I work alone in Hangzhou. Lao Zhao could not remember the specific year of committing a crime. Lao Zhao explained that one morning in Hangzhou, he followed a woman into a rental house on the grounds of looking for a house. After entering the house, the woman said that she would ask Zhao to pay 50 yuan to have sexual relations. After Zhao agreed, he had sexual relations with the woman. Later, the two sides caused a dispute because of the disputes over the lyrics. In the process of the dispute, Zhao hit the woman with a hammer. The woman fell on the bed, and Zhao fled the scene.
After committing the crime, Zhao returned to his hometown in Henan by bus on the day of the incident, and later went out to work as a cement tile worker. Several years after the incident, Lao Zhao had come to Hangzhou to continue his work, but he was always under a false name for fear of being caught.gay club
As for the eight Zhangjing Road, where the case happened, Lao Zhao did not remember it at all. "All I remember is that there is a place in Hangzhou that sells fish bridges. It seems that I came to the east of the fish bridge and met this woman."
"I don't know if she's alive or dead, but I've always regretted why I did it." Lao Zhao cried, because he was afraid to recall the incident, although he came to Hangzhou many times to work, he never dared to go to the area of Selling Fish Bridge and Bazhangjing.
Today, the eight Zhangjing road has been completely demolished. The rental housing of the year was no longer there.
After the detention of Lao Zhao, the local police notified the son of Lao Zhao by telephone and asked him to come to the police station. "What?" Murderer? Impossible? You are not.neil massage
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