Lai Xiaomin case involves trading with power and color

Lai Xiaomin, the former chairman of China Huarong Financing Property Management Co., Ltd. (02799.HK), the chief reporter of Economic Observer, was involved in more than 1.6 billion yuan, not including other valuable assets such as real estate he actually owned.
On November 9, 2018, two people close to Lai Xiaomin's case briefed reporters of the Economic massage
One of them also told the Economic Observer that since Lai Xiaomin was investigated in April, 2018, hundreds of "relatives" have been identified by his confessors and investigators. "With Xiaomin case as the trigger, the anti-corruption of the financial system is now the beginning. It is difficult for him to finish these matters and the people involved in the case in three years with his existing strength.
Lai Xiaomin, born in Ruijin, Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province in 1962, was admitted to Jiangxi Institute of Finance and Economics (later renamed Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics) as a major in National Economic Planning in 1979. He graduated in July 1983 and joined the People's Bank of China. Successive deputy director and director of central fund department, planning fund department and bank department, deputy director of credit management department, deputy director of supervision department, etc.male massage
In 2003, the China Banking Regulatory Commission was established, and Lai Xiaomin was transferred to the CBRC as a successive Deputy bureau-level cadre of the two departments of banking supervision; the head of the preparatory group of the Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau, the director of the Beijing Banking Regulatory Bureau; and the director of the general office of the CBRC.
In 2009, Lai Xiaomin left the regulatory system and became Vice Secretary and President of Huarong Company, one of the four asset management companies. In 2012, he became the party secretary and chairman of the Party committee.
Under Lai Xiaomin's rule, Huarong's assets expanded further. By the end of 2017, its total assets reached RMB 1.87 trillion yuan, its net assets reached RMB 182.6 billion yuan, and its net profit reached RMB 26.6 billion yuan in spa
On the evening of April 17, 2018, the State Supervisory Committee of the Central Discipline Commission announced that Lai Xiaomin was "personally suspected of serious violations of discipline and law, and is currently undergoing disciplinary review and investigation."
On October 15 of the same year, the State Supervisory Committee of the Central Disciplinary Commission announced its decision on the dismissal of Lai Xiaomin from Party membership and public office (i.e. "double opening").gay club
Since then, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and the People's Bank of China have held warning and education conferences on Lai Xiaomin's case. The meeting was severely worded, saying that "the nature of Lai Xiaomin's case is extremely bad and the lessons learned are extremely painful", and that Lai Xiaomin has caused great losses to state-owned financial assets, endangered national financial security and financial stability, and had extremely bad effects, shocking and profound lessons."
On October 15, the State Supervisory Committee of the Central Discipline Commission announced that Lai Xiaomin was "open to both sides" and also mentioned that Lai Xiaomin was "trading power and sex with many women" and so sauna
People close to Lai Xiaomin's investigation told the Economic Observer that the women who had "power and sex trade" with Lai Xiaomin included not only ordinary women who wanted to apply for jobs in Huarong Company, but also "big-name female stars", "female job seekers will attach their large-scale photo to their resumes and submit them to Lai Xiaomin and each other. Tacit understanding.
On November 7, the Supreme People's Procuratorate announced that Lai Xiaomin's case had been investigated by the State Supervisory Committee and transferred to the procuratorial organs for examination and prosecution. Designated by the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the second branch of the Tianjin people's Procuratorate shall be examined and prosecuted. The second branch of the Tianjin people's Procuratorate immediately made an arrest decision on Lai Xiaomin.neil massage
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