At two o'clock in the morning, the old man lost his way.

"Thank you very much," I said. "I found out that our old man was missing. I was all worried." Aunt Wang of Zhenjiang pulled the policeman's hand and said excitedly. At 3:10 in the morning of November 10th, the cold wind outside the house was fierce. Zhenjiang Yun Zhou branch Chiang Qiao police station, finally lost the Uncle Wang sent massage
Two o'clock in the early winter, the old man lost his way, and the police and the relay relay home.
At 2:21 in the morning of November 10th, the telephone on duty in the hall of the Chiang Qiao police station suddenly rang. "Chiang Qiao police station? Here is the command center. There is an old man lost in the West Campus of Jiangke University. He needs help. You should get out of the police as soon as possible! uuuuuuuuu Receiving instructions from the command center, the police on duty, Gong Zhao Feng, immediately led the auxiliary police Jiang Xin and Wu Zhigang to the club
Police rushed to Jiangke University West Campus and contacted the police to find out that the old man who had lost his way was taken home by the enthusiastic citizen, Mr. Zhang, for fear of cold winter nights. When the police arrived, the eldest son was slightly anxious, rubbing his clothes round and round.male massage
Police palace Zhao Feng asked the old man: "Grandpa, what's your name?" "I live on the two floor, and the rest do not know." Through further conversation, the police Gong Zhao Feng found that the answer was not very clear. So the police slowly chatted with the old man. After nearly half an hour of chatting, the police learned that the old man was called Zhang Moumou and had two sons. They went to see their granddaughter lost.
Through Zhang's feedback, the police searched through many directions to determine the address of the old man. When the police rushed to Zhang's home to confirm the door, the scene appeared at the beginning of the article. Aunt Wang, the old man's wife, said that Uncle Zhang had mild dementia and could not speak clearly. And he often went out in the middle of the night, just now he found that Uncle Zhang was missing, and he was anxious to spa
Faced with the grateful elderly, the police again reminded that there are elderly people who are easy to lose their way at home. Please ask the family members to wear some chest cards that can record their address and the telephone number of their family contacts, so as to prevent the police or enthusiastic citizens from contacting the elderly's family in time after the elderly disappear.neil massage
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